Atkinsonia swetlanae Sinev, 1988

Wang, Shuxia, Guan, Wei & Sinev, Sergey Yu., 2016, Taxonomic study of the genus Atkinsonia Stainton, 1859 (Lepidoptera, Stathmopodidae) in China, with descriptions of two new species, Zootaxa 4208 (1) : -

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Atkinsonia swetlanae Sinev, 1988


Atkinsonia swetlanae Sinev, 1988

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Atkinsonia swetlanae Sinev, 1988: 120 . Type locality: Russia (Primorskij Territory). Oedematopoda jiyuanica Wang, 2008: 36 . Type locality: China (Henan). Syn. nov.

Material examined. Holotype of Atkinsonia swetlanae , ♀, RUSSIA: 3 km SE Andreevka (42°38′40''N, 131°07′35''E), Khasanskij District , Primorskij Territory, 2.viii.1985, leg. S.Yu. Sinev ( ZIN) GoogleMaps ; paratypes, 5 ♂♂ and 10 ♀♀, same data as holotype, collected 29.vii–12.viii.1985 ( ZIN) GoogleMaps . Holotype of Oedematopoda jiyuanica , ♂, CHINA: Mt. Wangwu (35°09′N, 112°16′E), Jiyuan County, Henan Province, 700 m,, leg. Haili Yu, genitalia slide No. W06109 View Materials GoogleMaps ; paratype, 1 ♂,, other same data as holotype ( NKU) GoogleMaps .

Additional material. CHINA: 1 ♀, Mt. Lingkong (36.61°N, 112.08°E), Qinyuan County, Shanxi Province, 1560 m, 26.vii.2014, leg. Tengteng Liu, Meiqing Yang and Sihan Lu GoogleMaps ; 1 ♀, Zhonglieci (30.32°N, 119.45°E), Mt. Tianmu , Zhejiang Province, 365 m,, leg. Aihui Yin and Xiuchun Wang GoogleMaps ; 1 ♀, Xiaguan (33°22′N, 111°47′E), Neixiang County, Henan Province, 650 m, 12.vii.1998, leg. Houhun Li, genitalia slide No. W98333 View Materials GoogleMaps ; 1 ♂, Mt. Baiyun (34°29′N, 113°01′E), Song County, Henan Province, 1580 m, 20.vii.2002, leg. Xinpu Wang, genitalia slide No. ZH 06024 GoogleMaps ; 1♂, Mt. Huaguo (34°20′N, 111°53′E), Yiyang , Henan Province, 1000 m, 3.viii.2006, leg. Denghui Kuang and Hui Zhen, genitalia slide No. GW 12321 GoogleMaps ; 1 ♀, Taohuachong (30°59′N, 116°02′E), Yingshan County, Hubei Province, 35 m,, leg. Wei Guan and Meiqing Yang, genitalia slide No. GW 14214 GoogleMaps ; 1 ♀, Fengyongzhai (30°32′N, 102°55′E), Baoxing County, Sichuan Province, 1600 m, 2.viii.2004, leg. Yingdang Ren, genitalia slide No. GW 12322. GoogleMaps

Redescription. Adult ( Fig. 13 View FIGURES 11 – 14 ) with wingspan 17.0¯18.0 mm. Head dark brown; vertex blackish brown; occiput silvery gray. Labial palpus with first segment grayish white; second segment grayish white basally, darkening to grayish brown distally; third segment purplish black. Antenna blackish brown, with bluish violet metallic luster, basal 5/6 of flagellum with dense pectinate scaling on dorsal edge. Patagium blackish brown tinged with ferrugineous red. Thorax blackish brown, medially with a longitudinal orange red band; metathorax grayish white. Tegula ferrugineous red, with scattered pale brown scales in posterior half. Forewing ferrugineous red, costal margin blackish brown along basal 1/3; black streaks extending along veins; dorsum with a black spot at base; cilia dark brown tinged with ferrugineous red. Hindwing ferrugineous red in basal half, yellowish white on anterior area under forewing, brown in distal half; dorsum with semi-elliptical hyaline space at base; cilia grayish brown. Legs blackish brown. Abdomen black on dorsal surface except first and third tergites white posteriorly; grayish white on ventral margin.

Male genitalia ( Fig. 19 View FIGURES 15 – 20 ). Uncus broad at base, narrowed to 3/5, then widened to apex, with densely spaced long hairs laterally; apex waved, with a small notch at middle, with two tooth-like posterolateral processes. Ganthos reduced. Tegumen trapezoidal, about twice length of uncus. Valva narrow at base, gradually broadened towards blunt apex, with densely spaced long hairs in distal half; costa slightly concave medially; transtilla elongate bar shaped, slightly arched inward; sacculus reaching ventro-apex of valva, basal 1/3 broad, distal 2/3 gradually narrowed. Vinculum narrow; saccus trapezoidal, about 1/3 length of uncus. Juxta small and rounded; anellus lobes long clubbed, with dense long setae. Aedeagus about same length as valva, basal half uniform, distal half gradually narrowed; cornutus absent.

Female genitalia ( Fig. 24 View FIGURES 21 – 24 ). Papillae anales broad, with short setae. Intersegmental membrane between papillae anales and eighth abdominal segment about three times length of papillae anales. Apophysis posterior 1.5 times length of apophysis anterior. Eighth segment straight on posterior margin, with dense long setae; eighth sternite sub-triangular in anterior 1/3; eighth tergite rectangular. Antrum sub-rectangular, width about 1.5 times of length, posteriorly concave in broad V shape. Ductus bursae narrow in posterior 2/3, broadened towards corpus bursae; about 2/3 length of corpus bursae. Corpus bursae elongate oval; two signa: one rhombic, weakly sclerotized on one side, with sclerotized ridge medially, another in broad V shape formed by combination of two triangular sclerites. Ductus seminalis arising from anterior 1/3 of ductus bursae, about three times length of corpus bursae, basal 1/3 broad, distal 2/3 narrow, helically coiled, with dense microspines.

Biology. In the Russian Far East, the species is found exclusively in the sparse seaside oakeries with prevalence of Quercus dentata Thunb. ( Fagaceae ).

Distribution. China (Henan, Hubei, Shanxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang), Russia (Far East).

Diagnosis. Atkinsonia swetlanae can be distinguished from its congeners by the forewing having several streaks along veins and by the uncus considerably widened apically in the male genitalia.


Russian Academy of Sciences, Zoological Institute, Zoological Museum


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Atkinsonia swetlanae Sinev, 1988

Wang, Shuxia, Guan, Wei & Sinev, Sergey Yu. 2016

Atkinsonia swetlanae

Wang 2008: 36
Sinev 1988: 120
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