Ratcheuma excorne Golovatch, 1985

Antić, Dragan Ž. & Makarov, Slobodan E., 2016, The Caucasus as a major hotspot of biodiversity: Evidence from the millipede family Anthroleucosomatidae (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida), Zootaxa 4211 (1), pp. 1-205 : 192

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Ratcheuma excorne Golovatch, 1985


Ratcheuma excorne Golovatch, 1985

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Type locality. GEORGIA: Racha Mt. Ridge, Ambrolauri District, Cave Nikortsminda, near village Nikortsminda.

Material studied (total: 1 male). Topotype (total: 1 male). GEORGIA: 1 male, Racha Mt. Ridge, Ambrolauri District , Cave Nikortsminda, near village Nikortsminda, 40–50 m deep, 22 Oct. 1981, S. Golovatch leg. ( ZMUM ρ3231).

Distribution. Georgia (known only from Cave Nikortsminda (= Meliis)) ( Fig. 170 View FIGURE 170 , violet diamond).

Notes. Golovatch (1985: 42) stated the presence of “…a hinder pair of parabasal long and wide flagelloid projections…” on the anterior gonopods, but actually this was a pair of lamellae. Male leg-pair 7 with a wide, posterior, coxal lamella with setae, Golovatch (1985: 45, fig 2, 2) illustrated, but failed to describe this in the text. Golovatch also erred in allotting 30, not 31, body segments to this genus and species.


Zoological Museum, University of Amoy