Dentatosoma, Antić, Dragan Ž. & Makarov, Slobodan E., 2016

Antić, Dragan Ž. & Makarov, Slobodan E., 2016, The Caucasus as a major hotspot of biodiversity: Evidence from the millipede family Anthroleucosomatidae (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida), Zootaxa 4211 (1), pp. 1-205 : 97-98

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gen. nov.

Genus Dentatosoma gen. nov.

Diagnosis. Differs from all other Caucasian anthroleucosomatids by the complete absence of lateral keels, by the presence of simplified anterior gonopods, by the presence of a dentate limbus, as well as by the absence of any peculiarities on leg-pairs 3–7 in males.

Etymology. To emphasize body segments with a dentate limbus. The name is a neuter noun.

Description. Body length 10–12.5 mm in males, 12–16.5 mm in females; 30 body segments in adults (including telson). Body pigmented. Head flattened in males. Antennae and walking legs normal. Lateral keels completely absent, only first few segments with barely visible swellings. Limbus very characteristic, dentate. Macrochaetae medium-sized, trichoid. Leg-pairs 3–7 in males only slightly enlarged; leg-pair 7 the most enlarged, with sabre-like tarsi. Male leg-pairs 3–6 resembling normal walking legs. Leg-pairs 10 and 11 in males with coxal glands; leg-pair 11 with a well-developed, posterior, coxal horn.

Anterior gonopods simplified. Sternal plate (sp) anteriorly with a medial sternal sac (ss). Posteriorly, both coxal processes (cp) with a medial longitudinal lamella (lol), with a pair of coxal vesicles (cv) and a long triangular process (trp) in-between. Above triangular process, a wing-like (ws) structure present.

Posterior gonopods with divided coxites (c). Telopodites (t) present on posterior side, consisting of a pigmented membranous part with or without setae. Coxal processes (cp) simple, curved anteriorly, with a shallow notch apically. Coxal vesicles (cv) situated anteromesally.

Distribution. Abkhazia, Georgia, Russia ( Fig. 170 View FIGURE 170 , circles).

Type species. Dentatosoma denticulatum gen. et sp. nov., by present designation.

Included species

Dentatosoma denticulatum gen. et sp. nov.

Dentatosoma magnum gen. et. sp. nov.

Dentatosoma zeraboseli gen. et sp. nov.