Antić, Dragan Ž. & Makarov, Slobodan E., 2016, The Caucasus as a major hotspot of biodiversity: Evidence from the millipede family Anthroleucosomatidae (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida), Zootaxa 4211 (1), pp. 1-205 : 112

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4211.1.1

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gen. nov.

The Enghoffiella View in CoL complex

This complex includes the monotypic Enghoffiella gen. nov. and the genus Metamastigophorophyllon Ceuca, 1976 with five species. The genus Metamastigophorophyllon is transferred here to the family Anthroleucosomatidae , while the genus Persedicus is synonymized under Metamastigophorophyllon .

Body with 31 segments in adults (including telson). Anterior gonopods rather complex, consisting of a medial part and two or more lateral branches. Posterior gonopods stocky. The genus Persedicus (now Metamastigophorophyllon ) was placed within the Alloiopus complex by Ćurčić et al. (2008) [earlier grouped by Mauriès et al. (1997)] together with Alloiopus and Ghilarovia but, based on the structure of the posterior gonopods in Persedicus (now Metamastigophorophyllon ), which are less primitive, this does no longer seem so.

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