Cyana perornata ( Walker, 1854 )

Singh, Navneet, Volynkin, Anton V., Kirti, Jagbir Singh, Datta, Harvinder Singh & Ivanova, Maria S., 2020, A review of the genus Cyana Walker, 1854 from India, with descriptions of five new species and three new subspecies (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae: Lithosiini), Zootaxa 4738 (1), pp. 1-93: 55-57

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Cyana perornata ( Walker, 1854 )


Cyana perornata ( Walker, 1854) 

( Figs 150–152View FIGURES 144–152, 231View FIGURES 230–233, 285View FIGURES 282–287)

Bizone perornata Walker, 1854  , List of the specimens of lepidopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum 2: 548 (Type locality: [E Bangladesh or NE India, S Meghalaya] “Silhet”).

Type material examined. Lectotype (designated herein) ( Fig. 150View FIGURES 144–152): ♀, handwritten label “Silhet. 45-33” / printed label “1. Bizone perornata  . ” / printed round label with a green circle “Type” / printed label with a unique identifier “NHMUK010402101” (Coll. NHMUK).

Other material examined. WEST BENGAL: 2 ♂, India W.B., 850 m, Darjeeling, Pashok , 4.VII.1986, leg. W. Thomas (Coll. MWM / ZSM)  ; 1 ♂, India, W.B., 650m, Darjeeling, Rambi , 28.III.1986, leg. W. Thomas, slide MWM 34443View Materials (♂) Volynkin (Coll. MWM / ZSM); ASSAM  : 7 ♂, NE India, Assam, Kaziranga Wild Life, Pan Bari Reserve Forest , 26°45’N, 93°10’E, 100 m, 12–21.XI.1997, leg. V. Siniaev & M. Murzin (Coll. MWM / ZSM)GoogleMaps  ; 2 ♂, 1 ♀, NE India, Assam, Nameri Nat. Park , 40 km N Tezpur, 150 m, 27°20’N, 93°15’E, 24.VII–2.VIII.1997, leg. Sinjaev & Murzin, slide MWM 34444View Materials (♀) Volynkin (Coll. MWM / ZSM); MEGHALAYAGoogleMaps  : 1 ♂, NE India, Assam, W Megha- laya, Garo Hills, Nokrek National Park , 25°40’N, 91°04’E, 1150 m, 2–13.VII.1997, leg. Afonin & Sinajev (Coll. MWM / ZSM); MIZORAMGoogleMaps  : 1 ♀, Mizoram, Thingsul , 18.IX.2009, leg. Rahul Joshi (Coll. NZCZSI)  ; 1 ♂, India, Arunachal Pradesh, Raga , 5.V.2016, leg. H.S. Datta (Coll. NZCZSI); ARUNACHAL PRADESH  : 1 ♂, India, Arunachal Pradesh, Daporijo , 7.V.2016, leg. H.S. Datta (Coll. NZCZSI)  .

Remark. The species was described based on several specimens from two distant localities (Sylhet and Java) ( Walker 1854). To avoid any confusion in the future, here we designate the female specimen deposited in the NHMUK collection and labeled as “Type” as lectotype, and fix the species’ type locality as “Silhet”.

Diagnosis. Forewing length is 22–24 mm in males and 23–25 mm in females. Cyana perornata  can be easily distinguished from other Indian congeners by its large size and the presence of only one black discal spot in both sexes. In the male genitalia, the sclerotized valva apex, the large ampulla directed distally and the long and narrow aedeagus are characteristic. In the female genitalia, the ductus bursae is heavily sclerotized, extremely long and strongly connected to the 7 th abdominal sternite.

Distribution. North East India ( Hampson 1900; Singh et al. 2014), Nepal ( Kishida 1994), Bangladesh ( Walker 1854), China (Yunnan) ( Fang 2000), Thailand ( Černý & Pinratana 2009), Vietnam, Cambodia ( Bayarsaikhan & Bae 2016) and Sundaland ( Holloway 2001; Bucsek 2012).


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Cyana perornata ( Walker, 1854 )

Singh, Navneet, Volynkin, Anton V., Kirti, Jagbir Singh, Datta, Harvinder Singh & Ivanova, Maria S. 2020

Bizone perornata

Walker 1854