Soto, Joan J. & Peña, Álvaro L., 2019, Benthic hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from the Weddell Sea (Antarctica), Zootaxa 4570 (1), pp. 1-78: 22-23

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Filellum  sp.

Material examined. ANT XV/3: 48-4, some hydrothecae, on E. generale  ; 48-5, some hydrothecae, on sponge; 48- 27, numerous hydrothecae, on E. generale  , Halecium exaggeratum Peña Cantero, Boero & Piraino, 2013  and S. lobata  ; 48-44, several hydrothecae, on Halecium banzare Watson, 2008  , S. lobata  and Sy. exochus  ; 48-50, several hydrothecae, on C. hicksoni  and Sc. nana  ; 48-77, numerous hydrothecae, on Halecium jaederholmi Vervoort, 1972  ; 48-168, some hydrothecae, on Sy. exochus  ; 48-194, numerous hydrothecae, on Sc. nana  ; 48-220, some hydrothecae, on C. hicksoni  , H. interpolatum  and Symplectoscyphus liouvillei ( Billard, 1914)  ; 48-222, numerous hydrothecae, on Sc. nana  and Sy. weddelli  ; 48-223, numerous hydrothecae, on Sc. nana  and Symplectoscyphus plectilis ( Hickson & Gravely, 1907)  ; 48-276, some hydrothecae, on Halecium cf. antarcticum  and Sy. weddelli  ; ANT XVII /3: 111-9, few hydrothecae, on R. antarcticum  ; 111-19, numerous hydrothecae, on H. interpolatum  , L. dumosa  , R. antarcticum  , Sc. unifurcata  , Sy. exochus  , Symplectoscyphus naumovi Blanco, 1969  and Sy. weddelli  ; ANT XXI /2: PS65/39, numerous hydrothecae, on C. hicksoni  , Sc. nana  , St. glomulosa  , S. lobata  , Sy. exochus  , Sy. glacialis  and Sy. plectilis  ; PS65/121, numerous hydrothecae, on Sy. glacialis  , Sy. plectilis  and the hydrorhiza of an undetermined hydroid; PS65/132, numerous hydrothecae, on O. erratum  ; PS65/166, several hydrothecae, on Sy. exochus  ; PS65/174, several hydrothecae, on Sy. exochus  ; PS65/175, numerous hydrothecae, on S. lobata  and Sy. naumovi  ; PS65/237, several hydrothecae, on Sy. exochus  , Sy. glacialis  and Sy. weddelli  ; PS65/248, numerous hydrothecae, on H. incertus  , Sy. curvatus  , Sy. glacialis  , Sy. plectilis  and octocoral; PS65/253, several hydrothecae, on S. lobata  ; PS65/265, several hydrothecae, on Sy. glacialis  ; PS65/274, some hydrothecae, on St. nonscripta  and Sy. plectilis  ; PS65/276, several hydrotheca on Sy. exochus  and Sy. vanhoeffeni  ; PS65/278, several hydrothecae, on H. secundum  , L. dumosa  and sponge; PS65/292, numerous hydrothecae, on Staurotheca antarctica Hartlaub, 1904  and St. nonscripta  .

Remarks. Material included here comprises a huge amount of small-sized hydrothecae, with 100-150 µm in diameter of aperture, and provided with striae. The material could correspond, at least in part, to F. antarcticum  . However, in agreement with Peña Cantero et al. (2004) and Marques et al. (2011), the small-sized Filellum  from Antarctic waters are not identifiable in the absence of coppinia, and therefore it precludes a proper identification of material examined here.

Ecology and distribution. Material examined was collected at depths between 62 and 598 m.