Evalljapyx anombris Smith, 1960

Graening, G. O., Shcherbanyuk, Yana & Arghandiwal, Maryam, 2014, Annotated Checklist of the Diplura (Hexapoda: Entognatha) of California, Zootaxa 3780 (2), pp. 297-322: 307

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Evalljapyx anombris Smith, 1960


Evalljapyx anombris Smith, 1960 

Following are determinations by L. Smith from slide-mounted material from BME:

Alameda County: Corral Hollow, near Livermore, under stones, type female and 7 females and 1 male paratypes, 23 Jan. 1958, L. Smith; 51 paratype male and female, same place, 10 Mar. 1958, Smith & Schuster ( Smith 1960 a), and previously 24 Mar. 1945, by R. Smith; Corral Hollow, 1 mile west of county line, under stone, 10 Mar. 1958, Smith & Schuster; Livermore, 14 Mar. 1937, G. Ferguson; 6 miles north of Livermore, Vasco Road, under stone, 10 Mar. 1958, Smith & Schuster; 15 miles west of Tracy, Altamont Pass, 15 Feb. 1963, W. Lange and H. Michalk; Freemont Canyon, near Niles, under cement slab, 27 Oct. 1960, W. Tyson. Contra Costa County: 13 miles south of Brentwood, 10 Mar. 1958, Smith & Schuster; Russelman Park, 20 May 1956, J. MacSwain and R. Smith; Mount Diablo, 26 Mar. 1953, J. MacSwain. El Dorado County: 19 miles west of Placerville, under stone, 18 May 1961, P. Wygodzinski. Napa County: Napa, 21 Feb. 1960, L. Smith. San Joaquin County: 6 miles west of Tracy, 30 Mar. 1949, J. MacSwain; Corral Hollow, 20 Feb. 1946, C. Barr. Santa Clara County: San Jose, Alum Rock Park, 29 Feb. 1960, J. Edwards; San Jose, Hillside Ave., 11 Dec. 1958, J. Edwards; 4 miles south of San Jose, under rocks on bare dry hillside, 15 Dec. 1956, J. Edwards; San Antonio Valley, 11 Mar. 1948, P. Hunt. Stanislaus County: Adobe Creek, 7 Mar. 1956, D. Burdick. Yolo County: Davis, 1025 North Street, 2 inches deep in soil, grass, 7 Jul. 1958, R. Schuster.

Smith (1960) describes this taxon’s distribution as primarily the “ open grassland in semi-arid regions of low annual rainfall and no summer rain, i.e., the eastern foothills of the Coast Range Mountains.. .”