Evalljapyx ombris Smith, 1960

Graening, G. O., Shcherbanyuk, Yana & Arghandiwal, Maryam, 2014, Annotated Checklist of the Diplura (Hexapoda: Entognatha) of California, Zootaxa 3780 (2), pp. 297-322: 309-310

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Evalljapyx ombris Smith, 1960


Evalljapyx ombris Smith, 1960 

Following are determinations by L. Smith from slide-mounted material from BME:

Marin County: 2 miles south-southwest of Inverness, 30 Dec. 1961; between Boulder Creek and Big Basin, 27 Mar. 1954, J. Helfer; Big Basin, 23 Dec. 1953, V. Roth. Monterey County: Point Cypress ( Smith 1960 a; BME); Point Cypress, 4 miles northwest of Carmel, 3 May 1957, G. Marsh; 26 miles north of Salinas, 11 May 1961, R. Schuster and F. Raney; near Cruickshank Estate, 17 Mile Drive, 20 Sep. 1959, L. Smith. San Mateo County: 6 miles of southeast Half Moon Bay, in redwood and fern litter, type female, 4 paratype males, and 1 juvenile, 1 June 1957, R. Schuster; 2 females, 3 males, and 5 juveniles, same place, 5 Dec. 1953, V. Roth; 5 females, 6 males, 14 juveniles, same place, 21 July 1957, same place, R. Schuster; 1 male, same place, 4 May 1958, W. Lange ( Smith 1960 a; BME); Pescadero Creek, southeast of Half Moon Bay, redwood, 26 Apr. 1959, R. Schuster; Pigeon Point, chaparral, 12 Jul. 1958, D. Price; 0.8 miles from Skyline Road and Tunitas Road junction, 4 May 1958, W. Lange. Santa Clara County: Santa Cruz Mountains, Page Mill Road, under madrone duff, 1 Dec. 1956, J. Edwards. Santa Cruz County: 12 miles north of Boulder Creek, 22 Jan. 1955, D. Burdick and M. Wasbauer; 2 miles north of Boulder Creek, 22 Jan. 1955, D. Burdick and M. Wasbauer; Boulder Drive, 23 Dec. 1953, V. Roth; 7 miles east of Capitola, Seacliff State Park, 25 Jul. 1961, H. McKenzie; Davenport, 21 Feb. 1929, O. Cook; Waddel Creek, under pine bark, 11 Mar. 1956, D. Burdick; 1 mile north of Santa Cruz, 23 Dec. 1953, V. Roth; Big Basin State Park, inside old redwood log, 19 Mar. 1960, K. Hare and R. Miller; between Boulder Creek and Big Basin, 27 Mar. 1954, J. Helfer; Ben Lomond, 22 Jan. 1955, D. Burdick and M. Wasbauer.

This species is found only in damp humus in heavily forested areas, particularly redwood forests; distributed along the western Coastal Ranges ( Smith 1960 a). L. Smith (unpub. data, BME) has several determinations of E. ombris  specimens from Victoria Island and Vancouver, B.C.