Stenotaenia naxia (Verhoeff, 1901)

Chipman, Ariel D., Dor, Neta & Bonato, Lucio, 2013, Diversity and biogeography of Israeli geophilomorph centipedes (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha), Zootaxa 3652 (2), pp. 232-248: 238

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Stenotaenia naxia (Verhoeff, 1901)


Stenotaenia naxia (Verhoeff, 1901) 

Published records: “Chuldah” [Hulda], “El Muraw” [possibly near Jericho?], “Ramleh”, “Rehobot” [Rehovot], “See Genezareth” [Sea of Galilee] (Verhoeff 1925, sub Geophilus linearis naxius  ); ”ha-Masreq” [HaMasreq reserve] (Zapparoli 1995).

New records: none.

Distribution in Israel: most records are from the southern Judean Plains, and one from near the Sea of Galilee. Average annual temperatures are 18–22 ˚C and annual precipitations are 450–650 mm ( Figure 3View FIGURE 3 D). The El Muraw site is not included in the presumptive distribution, due to its uncertain position.

Global distribution: the species inhabits the eastern part of the Mediterranean basin, from the Aegean islands to Israel.

Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes. S. naxia  has been confirmed as a distinct species after a recent revision of the genus Stenotaenia (Bonato & Minelli 2008)  . Despite the fact that we could not examine representatives of S. naxia  from Israel, published records are accepted as reliable according to the number of legs reported.