Valeriaaschero Erwin 2004

Erwin, Terry L., 2004, The beetle family Carabidae of Costa Rica: The genera of the Cryptobatida group of subtribe Agrina, tribe Lebiini, with new species and notes on their way of life (Insecta: Coleoptera), Zootaxa 662, pp. 1-54: 51-52

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Valeriaaschero Erwin 2004


Valeriaaschero Erwin 2004 

Type species: Valeriaaschero flora Erwin 2004: 15  .

This member of the Cryptobatida Group, with two known species, was discussed in a recent contribution (Erwin 2004). An additional specimen has been obtained since then of the type species, Valeriaaschero flora Erwin  , thus providing a new locality ( Fig. 40View FIGURE 40). The specimen was collected in a Malaise trap.

Other specimens examined. COSTA RICA. 1 female, HEREDIA, 11.0 km SSE La Virgen, 450–550 m, 10 ° 20 ' 0 N, 084° 04' 0 W, April (INBio­OET: INB0003237069).