Erwin, Terry L., 2004, The beetle family Carabidae of Costa Rica: The genera of the Cryptobatida group of subtribe Agrina, tribe Lebiini, with new species and notes on their way of life (Insecta: Coleoptera), Zootaxa 662, pp. 1-54: 6

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Tribe Lebiini  , Subtribe Agrina, Cryptobatida Group

Diagnosis: Head ventrally without suborbital setigerous pores, neck not markedly narrowed and head not pedunculate. Mandible widened near base, scrobe wide, lateral margin markedly rounded; palpi with ultimate articles sub­securiform or securiform, paraglossae broad, glabrous, adherent, extending to anterior angle of ligula. Elytron with transverse depression at anterior third, appearing deformed; penultimate setigerous pore of elytron umbilicate series not displaced laterally or medially. Posterior tibial spurs subequal, their margins smooth; tarsomere 4 bilobed. With the exception of one genus (probably a reversal), endophallus with flagellum.

Notes: Subtribe Agrina consists of those species formerly included in the Subtribe Calleidina  (cf. Lorenz, 1998). The Cryptobatida Group, by virtue of the attributes above, formally is designated here with the type genus, Cryptobatis Eschscholtz. Many  records of species in most genera covered refer to collections on fungus­covered fallen tree trunks. It is likely that this group contains species whose adults are predators on shelf fungus inhabitants (cf. Erwin & Erwin 1976).