Cobitis dorademiri

Freyhof, Jörg, Bayçelebi, Esra & Geiger, Matthias, 2018, Review of the genus Cobitis in the Middle East, with the description of eight new species (Teleostei: Cobitidae), Zootaxa 4535 (1), pp. 1-75: 15

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Cobitis dorademiri


Cobitis dorademiri  Erk'akan, Özdemir & Özeren, 2017

(Fig. 8)

Cobitis dorademiri Erkakan, Özdemir & Özeren, 2017: 83  , fig. 1 (type locality: Turkey: Muğla prov.: Lake Köyceğiz basin, stream Balıklı).

Material examined. FSJF 2347, 16, 37–64 mm SL; Turkey: Muğla prov.: River Dalaman about 5 km north of Dalaman , 36.814 28.798  .— FSJF 2410, 8, 54–87 mm SL; Turkey: Muğla prov.: stream Balıklı at road from Muğla to Köyceğiz southeast of Karaböğürtlen , 37.008 28.546  .

Material used in molecular genetic analysis. FSJF DNA- 333; Turkey: Muğla prov.: River Dalaman about 5 km north of Dalaman, 36.814 28.798. (Accession numbers: KJ552809View Materials, KJ552800View Materials, BOLD EUFWF 2752 to EUFWF 2755).

Diagnosis. Cobitis dorademiri  is distinguished from other Cobitis  species in the eastern Aegean Sea basins by having two laminae circularis in the male (vs. one in C. fahireae  ).

Cobitis dorademiri  is distinguished from C. battalgilae  by having a deeper caudal peduncle (caudal-peduncle depth 1.0–1.2 times in caudal-peduncle length vs. 0.6–0.7) and by usually having a very regular colour pattern organised in the four Gambetta zones (vs. usually disorganised).

Distribution. Judging from our current knowledge, Cobitis dorademiri  is endemic to the Lake Köyceğiz basin and the lower Dalaman River drainage.

Remarks. See below for details to distinguish C. dorademiri  from other species of the C. simplicispina  species group. Cobitis phrygica  and C. dorademiri  have two laminae circularis and both are found in the Dalaman River drainage. These two species seem not to occur in sympatry as C. dorademiri  is only known from the lower and C. phrygica  from the upper Dalaman River drainage, where it occurs adjacent to and potentially sympatric with C. fahireae  . More fieldwork needs to be conducted to explore the distribution areas of the three Cobitis  species in the Dalaman River drainage to better understand their distribution.

Molecular data shown in Fig. 1View FIGURE 1 and by Geiger et al. (2014) place C. dorademiri  in the C. simplicispina  species group ( C. battalgilae  , C. bilseli  , C. joergbohleni  , C. phrygica  , C. pirii  , C. simplicispina  , C. sipahilerae  , C. turcica  ). Based on DNA barcoding Cobitis dorademiri  is well separated from all other included Cobitis  and by a minimum K2P distance of 3.5% to C. phrygica  , also supported as PTP and mPTP entity.

FİGURE 8. Cobitis dorademiri  , FSJF 2410, male, 87 mm SL; Turkey: stream Balıklı.














Cobitis dorademiri

Freyhof, Jörg, Bayçelebi, Esra & Geiger, Matthias 2018

Cobitis dorademiri Erkakan, Özdemir & Özeren, 2017 : 83

Erk'akan, F. & Ozdemir, F. & Ozeren, S. C. 2017: 83