Aphis, Linnaeus, 1758

Nafría, Juan Manuel Nieto, Ortego, Jaime, Brown, Paul A., López Ciruelos, Sara I. & Durante, M. Pilar Mier, 2019, Aphis (Hemiptera, Aphididae) species living on Baccharis (Asteraceae) in southern South America, with description of three new species, Zootaxa 4656 (1), pp. 153-167: 155

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Aphis  generalist species

Studied material. Argentinean specimens in Universidad de León collection and Chilean specimens in Natural History Museum, London collection.

Aphis (A.) craccivora Koch, 1854  = CHILE, Maule: Cauquenes prov., 10 km on Cauquenes to Pelluhue road, 14-January-1985, on Baccharis  sp., Hollis leg., Eastop det..

Aphis (A.) gossypii Glover, 1877  = ARGENTINA, Mendoza: Maipú dep., Maipú, 18-November-2002, on Baccharis juncea  ; Tupungato dep., Cruz Negra, 3-October-1997, on B. salicifolia, Ortego  leg.; same locality, 21-November-2002 and 27-November-2012, on Baccharis  sp., Ortego leg .. ARGENTINA, San Luis: General Pringles dep., El Trapiche, 19-November, 2002, on Baccharis  sp.; Juan Martín de Puyrredón dep., Potrero de los Funes, 19-November, 2002, on Baccharis  sp. ARGENTINA, Santiago del Estero: Río Hondo dep., Termas de Río Hondo, 2-October-2009, on B. salicifolia, Ortego  leg. . CHILE, Valparaíso, Marga Marga prov., Limache, 19-October -1967, on Baccharis  sp., Hille Ris Lambers leg., Eastop det. .

Aphis (A.) spiraecola Patch, 1914  = CHILE, Valparaíso: Quillota prov., Nogales, 28-November-1974, on Baccharis  sp., Hille Ris Lambers leg. and det. .

From the previously known Argentinean records of Aphis craccivora  , A. gossypii  and A. spiraecola  on Baccharis  species in Argentina and Chile (see Introduction) and the newly studied material, it is possible to conclude that A. gossypii  is relatively frequent in colonizing plants of Baccharis  in the western strip of Argentina from Jujuy (in the North) to Mendoza and also possibly in corresponding Chilean territories. On the contrary, the other two species seem not to usually colonize plants of this genus.

Baccharis juncea (Lehm.) Desf.  is recorded for first time as host plant for Aphis gossypii  .

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that Aphis fabae Scopoli, 1763  , another generalist species, which is known both in Argentina and Chile, has never been collected in these countries on plants of this genus of Asteraceae  .