Cordagalma Totton, 1932

P. R. Pugh, 2016, A synopsis of the Family Cordagalmatidae fam. nov. (Cnidaria, Siphonophora, Physonectae), Zootaxa 4095 (1), pp. 1-64: 7

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Cordagalma Totton, 1932


Genus Cordagalma Totton, 1932  .

Type species. Cordagalma ordinatum (Haeckel, 1888)  .

Diagnosis. Small colonies that show all the basic characters listed above for the family Cordagalmidae and are particularly distinguished by the presence, on all the tentacles, of tentilla that, as Carré (1968) remarked were devoid of desmonemes and acrophores, characteristically present in the adult terminal filaments of many monoecious physonect siphonophores, such that those of Cordagalma ordinatum  have come to be called "tentilles de type larvaire" or larval-type tentilla. The palpons do not have a palpacle.