Chiloglanis somereni Whitehead 1958

Schmidt, Ray C., Bart Jr, Henry L. & Nyingi, Wanja Dorothy, 2015, Two new species of African suckermouth catfishes, genus Chiloglanis (Siluriformes: Mochokidae), from Kenya with remarks on other taxa from the area, Zootaxa 4044 (1), pp. 45-64: 60-61

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Chiloglanis somereni Whitehead 1958


Chiloglanis somereni Whitehead 1958 

Chiloglanis somereni  , described from the Nyanza Province, occurs in Kenyan rivers and streams that flow into Lake Victoria ( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1). The species is also found within the Lake Victoria affluents in Tanzania, the Malagarasi River, and may also occur within western Lake Victoria affluents ( Seegers 2008). This species was collected in large numbers in the Riani River (affluent to the Kuja River) in the swift flowing water over rocks and small boulders.

C. brevibarbis  Tana R. (N= 20) C. brevibarbis Athi R.  (N= 15) C. brevibarbis Tsavo R.  (N= 22) ….continued on the next page Chiloglanis somereni  is allopatrically distributed and readily distinguished from other Kenyan suckermouth catfishes. It is a sexually dimorphic species, with males displaying elongated rays in the anal fin ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7). This species has more mandibular teeth (10–12 in functional row) than all other Kenyan species except C. devosi  and has longer pectoral and dorsal spines than C. devosi  . It is one of the larger suckermouth catfishes found in Kenya with a maximum reported size of 68 mm SL. Whitehead (1958) provided a few comments on reproductive biology, but little else is known of the ecology and life history of C. somereni  . Morphometric measurements and meristic counts of Kenyan C. somereni  are found in Table 3.