Eucopia grimaldii Nouvel, 1942

Vicente, Carlos San, 2016, An annotated check-list of lophogastrids (Crustacea: Lophogastrida) from the seas of the Iberian Peninsula, Zootaxa 4178 (4), pp. 481-502: 487

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Eucopia grimaldii Nouvel, 1942


Eucopia grimaldii Nouvel, 1942  

Distribution. Widely distributed in the north and south Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, also Alaska and Antarctica. Mediterranean Sea.

Depth range. 300–2600 m (most commonly at about 2000 m).

Habitat. Meso- and bathypelagic, over bottom sediments composed of silts and clays.

Iberian Seas published records. SE Bay of Biscay continental slope ( Lagardère 1983, 1985, Petryashov 2014). Cap Breton canyon (unpublished data). Off Calician and Asturias coasts ( Lagardère 1983)   . Azores /Biscay rise close to the margin of the Iberian-Abyssal Plain (42ºN –17ºW: Angel et al. 1982). Offshore species related to the Canary Archipelago ( Nouvel 1942, Wittmann & Wirtz 1998, Haroun & Garrido 2003, Wittmann & Riera 2012). Off Madeira ( Tattersall & Tattersall 1951)   . Azores ( Nouvel 1943, Tattersall & Tattersall 1951).  

Remarks. Due to the presence of this species in Italy ( Vives 1968, Wittmann & Ariani,2010) we suspect that it is likely be found in the Iberian Mediterranean Sea.