Globicornis (Hadrotoma) ingelehmannae, Háva & Damgaard, 2015

Háva, J. & Damgaard, A. L., 2015, A New Species Of Globicornis (Hadrotoma) (Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Megatominae) From Baltic Amber, Vestnik Zoologii 49 (4), pp. 373-376 : 374-375

publication ID 10.1515/vzoo-2015-0041


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Globicornis (Hadrotoma) ingelehmannae

sp. nov.

Globicornis (Hadrotoma) ingelehmannae sp. n. ( fig. 1–3 View Fig )

T y p e m a t e r i a l. Holotype ♂: Russia, Kaliningrad, Baltic amber inclusion ( ZMUC). The type specimen are labeled with a red printed label bearing the following text: “HOLOTYPE Globicornis (Hadrotoma) ingelehmannae sp. n. Háva & Damgaard det. 2015”.

D e s c r i p t i o n. Body broadly-oval ( fig. 1–2 View Fig ), measurements (in mm): TL 2.7, EW 1.6. Head, pronotum and elytra black; head coarsely punctate, with long black erected setation; palpi entirely black; frontal median ocellus present; antenna with 10 antennomeres, antennal club with 3 antennomeres entirely black ( fig. 3 View Fig ). Antennal fossa not visible. Eye very large, with black microsetae. Pronotum coarsely punctate as head, with long black erect setation and prominently raised side edge delineated by fine demarcation line. Scutellum triangular, black, without setation. Elytron finely coarsely punctate on humerus, finely on posterior parts, cuticle unicolorous, black without fasciae or spots. Apex of each elytron with long blackish setation. Legs black with black setation; protibia without spines. Metasternum coarsely punctate, with short black setation. Abdominal ventrites with long black setation.

D i a g n o s i s. The new species belong to the genus Globicornis Latreille, 1829 subgenus Hadrotoma Erichson, 1846 according to antennae composed with 10 antennomeres, terminal antennomere triangular and flat, new species differs from the other two known amber species by the characters mentioned in the key below.

The new species differs from the visually similar species Attagenus hoffeinsorum Háva, Prokop et Herrmann, 2006 and A. yantarnyi Háva et Bukejs, 2012 by the prosternum forming a “collar” under which mouthparts fit when head is retracted ( fig. 5 View Fig ).

E t y m o l o g y. Patronymic, dedicated to commemorate Dr. Inge Lehmann (1888– 1993), an excellent Danish seismologist and geophysicist.


Denmark, Kobenhavn [= Copenhagen], University of Copenhagen, Zoological Museum


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics


Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen













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