Quedius (Raphirus) semirufus Korge 1971

Yu, A. & Solodovnikov, 2005, New and little known species of Quedius from West Palaearctic (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae), Zootaxa 902, pp. 1-13: 7

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.170972

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Quedius (Raphirus) semirufus Korge 1971


Quedius (Raphirus) semirufus Korge 1971 

Korge 1971 b: 14; Coiffait 1978: 216.

Material examined. AZERBAIJAN: 1 ɗ, 3 Ψ, Astara, Istisu W Astara, 100 m, 26.VI. 1996, leg. W. Schawaller ( FMNH, SMN); 1 Ψ, Lenkoran, Apo below Bilasar, 350 m, 89. VI. 1996, leg. W. Schawaller ( SMN); 1 Ψ, “Paleton, 1200 Astar. R. Talysh, [leg.] Znoyko 19.VII. 1932 ” [label in Cyrillic] ( ZIN); 2 Ψ, North of town Kutkashen (Gabala), upper course of river Damir­Aparanchay, 1480–2500 m, 1415. VII. 1994, leg. V. & M. Savytskys ( FMNH).

Discussion. This species has never been reported since its original description ( Korge 1971 b). The newly available specimens expand the known distribution range of Quedius semirufus  from its type locality in north­western Iran (Charasu­dagh, east of Heroabad [Khalkhal], 2000–2300 m) northwards to Azerbaijan. Label data indicate that Q. semirufus  occurs in Azerbaijan within a wide range of altitudes, from 100 m to 2300 m.


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