Quedius (Raphirus) boluensis Korge, 1971

Yu, A. & Solodovnikov, 2005, New and little known species of Quedius from West Palaearctic (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae), Zootaxa 902, pp. 1-13: 7

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.170972

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Quedius (Raphirus) boluensis Korge, 1971


Quedius (Raphirus) boluensis Korge, 1971 

Korge 1971 a: 49; Solodovnikov 2004: 228.

Material examined. TURKEY: 1 ɗ, North­Eastern Turkey, 16.VII. 1988, Giresuni Daglari, environs of Kürtün, near Gümüshane, sifting in Fagetum, 1500 m, leg. S. Benedikt (cSt); 1 ɗ, North­Eastern Turkey, Kalkanli Da™lari, 6 km S from village Dikkaya, 1700 m, Picea  forest, under stone, 8. VI. 1998, leg. A. Solodovnikov ( FMNH).

Discussion. The identity of Quedius boluensis  was revised in Solodovnikov (2004). Localities of the additional specimens listed here represent the easternmost extremity of the known distribution range of this species. Unlike other examined material on Q. boluensis  (see Solodovnikov 2004), these two specimens have no apical seam of palisade fringe on the abdominal tergite VII and have shortened wings, apparently indicating their inability to fly. Also, compared to other available specimens of Q. boluensis  , they have the tooth on the dorsal (adjacent to paramere) side of the median lobe located slightly closer to the apex. These minute, but distinct, differences may indicate a complex intraspecific structure in the eastern populations of Q. boluensis  . However, additional and much more representative material is needed for a deeper study and a proper taxonomic assessment of possibly isolated populations.


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