Elder ungulatus Münster, 1839

Odin, Giliane P., Charbonnier, Sylvain, Devillez, Julien & Schweigert, Günter, 2019, On unreported historical specimens of marine arthropods from the Solnhofen and Nusplingen Lithographic Limestones (Late Jurassic, Germany) housed at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, Geodiversitas 41 (17), pp. 643-662: 658

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http://doi.org/ 10.5252/geodiversitas2019v41a17

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Elder ungulatus Münster, 1839


Elder ungulatus Münster, 1839  

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STUDIED MATERIAL. — Charbonnier & Garassino (2012) listed three specimens from Solnhofen ( MNHN.F. A33549 View Materials , B13467 View Materials ; MNHN. GG.2004/8217) but figured none. We do not change their contribution   .


Specimen MNHN.F. A33549 View Materials ( Fig. 10 View FIG ) presents some pereiopods with terminal dactylus, some pleopods, the tail fan, and the hooked rostrum, which is isolated from the body. The carapace (cephalothoracic shield) is not preserved, neither the pleon. This configuration evokes an exuvia or a predated specimen. Intriguingly, some pereiopods exhibit apodemes as if the muscles were stripped off.


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