Gnathochorisis Förster, 1869

Humala, Andrei E., 2017, New species of the genus Gnathochorisis Förster (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Orthocentrinae) from the Neotropical Region, Zootaxa 4250 (3), pp. 201-218: 202

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Gnathochorisis Förster, 1869


Gnathochorisis Förster, 1869 

Gnathochorisis Förster, 1869: 152  . Type species: Gnathochorisis flavipes Förster, 1871 Blapticus Förster, 1869: 171  . Type species: Blapticus leucostomus Förster, 1871

Laepserus Förster, 1869: 205. Type species: Blapticus crassulus Thomson, 1888 

Acroblapticus Schmiedeknecht, 1911: 2173. Type species: Blapticus dentifer Thomson, 1888 

Generic description. Gnathochorisis  can be distinguished from other orthocentrine genera of the Helictes  genusgroup by the combination of the following characters. Body stout; head clearly transverse, clypeus small, weakly to strongly separated from face by a groove; eyes large, inner orbits subparallel to slightly divergent ventrally; mandible small, not or slightly twisted, sometimes tapered and sinuous; maxillary palps long or very long; temple short; antenna long or very long, scape elongate, subcylindrical; male flagellum lacking tyloids. Mesosoma finely or densely punctate on mesoscutum, polished on mesopleuron. Epicnemial carina complete, dorsally distant from anterior margin of mesopleuron; propodeum polished or matt, usually with carinae complete and distinct, often with apophyses. Fore wing with areolet present or absent (all known New World Gnathochorisis  species have a closed areolet), when present sessile or short petiolate. Hind legs stout, hind femur considerably thickened, 2.85– 4.9 × as long as high, hind claws fairly large. First metasomal segment petiolate; sternite fused to tergite and reaching 0.5–0.6 of the segment, glymma lacking. Second tergite matt or polished, sometimes with longitudinal striae. Ovipositor upcurved, usually with a dorsal subapical notch, nearly as long as first metasomal segment.












Gnathochorisis Förster, 1869

Humala, Andrei E. 2017

Gnathochorisis Förster, 1869 : 152

Forster 1869: 152
Forster 1869: 171