Pseudonthobium fracticolle ( Fauvel, 1903 )

Montreuil, Olivier & Théry, Thomas, 2011, Revision of the New Caledonian genus Pseudonthobium Paulian, 1984 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Epilissini), Zootaxa 2863, pp. 49-62: 58-59

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Pseudonthobium fracticolle ( Fauvel, 1903 )


Pseudonthobium fracticolle ( Fauvel, 1903) 

Habitus: Fig. 9View FIGURES 1 – 9.

Onthobium fracticolle Fauvel, 1903: 363  .

Onthobium fracticolle Fauvel—Gillet, 1911: 42  . Onthobium fracticolle Fauvel—Paulian, 1935: 121  .

Pseudonthobium fracticolle (Fauvel)  — Paulian, 1984: 1116. Pseudonthobium fracticolle (Fauvel)  — Paulian, 1991: 126. Pseudonthobium fracticolle (Fauvel)  — Krajcik, 2006: 153.

Type specimens. Lectotype male designated by Paulian (1984) — NOUVELLE CALÉDONIE, Mt Kogui, Mai, feuilles mortes humides, réc. Savés [ IRSNBAbout IRSNB]. Paralectotypes: 1 male, same data as lectotype [ IRSNBAbout IRSNB]; 1 female — NOUVELLE CALÉDONIE, Yahoué, réc. Savés [ IRSNBAbout IRSNB].

Additional specimens (3). 1 female — NEWAbout NEW CALEDONIA, Yahoué, 4 January 2004, Monteith leg., 22 ° 12 S 166 ° 28 ’E, rainforest, 100m, sieved litter [QM]; 1 female — NEWAbout NEW CALEDONIA, Mont Koghis, 22 ° 11 S 166 ° 31 ’E, 500m, 23–30 May 1987, Raven & Platnick leg., Rainforest pitfalls [QM]; 1 male — NEWAbout NEW CALEDONIA, 22 ° 11 S 166 ° 31 ’E, Mont Koghis, track entrance, 17 Apr 2005, Monteith leg., 500m [QM].

Description (male). 3.5 –4.0 mm. Reddish-brown, setae yellowish-brown. Tegument feebly shiny.

Head. Completely covered by fine, dense punctation; punctures separated by their diameter. Frons flat, clypeus feebly depressed at middle. Clypeus with lateral margins subconvex.

Pronotum. Base strongly bilobate, concave at middle, straight and obliquely divergent on each side. Posterior angles obtuse. Lateral margin straight, anteriorly feebly convergent to strongly convergent. Anterior angles not sharp.

Elytra. Interstriae flat, smooth, with distinct microreticulation; punctation extremely fine, evenly dispersed; interstriae bearing 1–2 rows of setae. Anterior inner margin oblique, projecting obliquely from base of 5 th striae to fit basal margin of pronotum. Sides of elytra evenly curved.

8 th tergite. Smooth, with fine, superficial punctation. Inner margins completely bordered with superficial furrow, apex with feebly enlarged margin.

Sternites. Last sternite strongly enlarged; tegument microreticulate, covered with superficial punctation similar to that on 8 th tergite. Other sternites normally developed, strongly microreticulate, dull, with punctation restricted to sides.

Legs. Outer margin of protibia tridentate in apical third, basal tooth small but visible, teeth equidistant. Inner margin notched before apex, with narrow lamella ( Fig. 25View FIGURES 18 – 25).

Aedeagus ( Fig. 17View FIGURES 10 – 17). Left paramere projected laterally in apical third, more strongly projected on inner margin side. Right paramere short, straight, even in dorsal view; evenly curved, rounded at apex in lateral view.

Notes. Female similar to male, with simple inner margin of protibia.

Distribution. This species is known only from Mt. Koghi area in southeast New Caledonia.


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Pseudonthobium fracticolle ( Fauvel, 1903 )

Montreuil, Olivier & Théry, Thomas 2011


Pseudonthobium fracticolle

Krajcik 2006: 153
Paulian 1991: 126
Paulian 1984: 1116


Onthobium fracticolle

Fauvel 1903: 363