Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) betulae Kolodochka, 1992

Tsolakis, Haralabos & Ragusa, Salvatore, 2015, Considerations on systematics of the Phytoseiidae (Acari: Mesostigmata), with definition of a new species group and description of a new species, Zootaxa 3926 (2), pp. 229-243: 234-236

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Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) betulae Kolodochka, 1992


Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) betulae Kolodochka, 1992 

(Figs 8–14)

Holotype collected on Betula  sp. at Ussuri Reserve (buffer zone), Primorye Area, Ussuri district on 10 th August 1984. Six female paratypes on Betula  sp. at Pogrebnyak on 24 th August 1984. The species is known only from the eastern territory of Russia. The type material is kept in the collection of Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences, Ukraine.

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