Montipora cf. aequituberculata Bernard, 1897,

Samiei, Jahangir Vajed, Dab, Koosha, Ghezellou, Parviz & Shirvani, Arash, 2013, Some scleractinian corals (Scleractinia: Anthozoa) of Larak Island, Persian Gulf, Zootaxa 3636 (1), pp. 101-143: 105-106

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Montipora cf. aequituberculata Bernard, 1897


Montipora cf. aequituberculata Bernard, 1897 

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Material: ZUTC Cnid. 1003, colony fragment, Larak Island, 26 ° 53 ' 14.4 " N, 56 ° 23 ' 43.4 " E, Coll. J. Vajed Samiei, November 2010.

Taxonomic note: There are many species in the genus Montipora  . The following species share many similar characteristics with M. aequituberculata  and some other species (see: Veron, 2000). The following species have been called with the latter name in some local studies (e.g. Claereboudt, 2006).

Identification guide: Veron (2000)

Notes for local identification: Colonies are encrusting, dark brown with white margins. Colonies infected by polychaetes or gastropods ( Vermetidae  ) have a high tendency to form columnar structures. Thecal and coenostial papillae are not uniform in size.

Abundance: Common.

Depth of occurrence: About 3 m.