Pachycoris klugii Burmeister, 1835

Schmitz, Luís Ricardo & Barcellos, Aline, 2018, Pachycoris torridus (Scopoli) and P. klugii Burmeister: a comparative study of the genital morphology of two polychromatic Pachycorinae (Heteroptera, Scutelleridae), Zootaxa 4531 (3), pp. 444-450: 445

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Pachycoris klugii Burmeister, 1835


Pachycoris klugii Burmeister, 1835 

(Figs. 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17–18)

Male. Pygophore pear-shaped to subquadrangular, depending on the expansion of the membranous basal area which occupies about two thirds of the dorsal surface (Fig. 3). Dorsally, there is a mesial suprapygophoral process (SPP) ( Kumar, 1965) which is basally quadrangular, posterior half lanceolate, elevated mesially with acute apex, surpassing 1+1 lateral arms, each one with two apical projections (Fig. 15). When expanded, lateral arms move outward, making SPP appear trident-shaped. Dorsal wall of pygophore mesially membranous, apparently expansible, allowing the movement of the SPP. Lateral margin of pygophore slightly angled between membranous basal area and the sclerotized apical one. Laterodorsally, 1 + 1 densely pilose ovoid areas are positioned opposite the parameres, bearing a small tubercle or spine (Fig. 3). Posterolateral angles truncate, inwardly depressed near parameres (Fig. 5). Ventral rim subrectilinear, with a mesial suture extending for almost one third of the pygophore length. Parameres hook-like, head acute, projected anterolaterally (Fig. 10).

Phallus. Basal plate subrectangular and sclerotized. Erection fluid pump rod-like. Phallotheca membranous, cylindrical, conjunctiva with two pairs of highly sclerotized processes: cp2, dorsomedial, bearing a lateral median spine; cp3, lateral, strongly curved dorsad, their apices divergent. Aedeagus sensu stricto (vesica) oval, membranous, located between cp2 and less than half the length of cp2 (Fig. 13).

Female. Genital plates (Fig. 1). Posterior margin of seventh sternite slightly convex above inner third of valvifers 8. Laterotergites 8 subtriangular, posterior margin slightly convex, spiracles present. Laterotergites 9 ovoid, anterior and posterior margins subparallel, sutural margins straight, juxtaposed; anterolateral angles rounded. Valvifers 8 juxtaposed along sutural margin; posterior margin slightly sinuous. Valvifers 9 partially visible between valvifers 8 and laterotergites 9.

Gynatrium. Fecundation canal sclerite well developed, posterolateral angles produced and markedly divergent ( Fig. 17View FIGURES 17–20); ring sclerites (rs) oval, same size of the fecundation canal. Posteromedian pouch (pmgp) anteriorly welldeveloped and membranous, except posteriorly ( Fig. 18View FIGURES 17–20). Spermatheca (Fig. 8). Apical receptacle (ar) vermiform, longer than the spermathecal duct and intermediate part (ip) together. Portion of the duct distal to dilation shorter than intermediate part.

Material examined. MEXICO, Veracruz: 5 mi N Lerdo de Tejada , 23.VIII.1967, Burke, H.R. and Hafernik, J., 1 ♂ ( JEPC)  ; 5 mi E Catemaco , 2–4.VII.1971, Clark et al., 2 ♀ ( JEPC)  ; 8 km ne. Sontecomapan , 20.VII.1980, Schaffner et al., 1 ♀ ( JEPC)  ; Yucatan: Chichen-Itza , 10.VIII.1990, Eger, J.E., 1 ♂ ( JEPC)  , Yokdzonot , VIII.1976, Welling, E.C., 1 ♀ ( JEPC)  ; Jalisco: Autlan , 1.VIII.1978, Plitt and Schaffner, 1 ♀ ( JEPC)  ; 6 mi W Chapala , 30. VI.1963, Foster, W.A., 1 ♂ ( JEPC)  ; Hidalgo: San Pedro , 13. VI.1988, Taylor, T., 1 ♀ ( JEPC)  , Metztitlán , 20°40’48’’, -98°48’14’’, 18.VIII.2017, Skelley, P., 2 ♀, 1♂ ( JEPC)  ; Morelos: Totolapan , 20. VI.1967, Wood, S.L., 1 ♀, 1 ♂ ( MCNZAbout MCNZ)  ; Guerrero: Taxco , 25. VI.1970, Jump, P.M. 1 ♂ ( JEPC)  ; HONDURAS, Francisco Morazán: Barrosas , 26.VIII.1976, White, E.A., 1 ♂ ( JEPC)  .


Mykotektet, National Veterinary Institute


Porto Alegre, Museu de Ciencias Naturais da Fundacao Zoo-Botanica do Rio Grande do Sul