Pangaeus (Pangaeus) aethiops (Fabricius),

M, Cristina Mayorga & P, Luis Cervantes, 2009, Two new species of Amnestus from Guatemala, with new records for some other Guatemalan burrower bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cydnidae), Zootaxa 2311, pp. 19-37: 31-32

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.191888

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Pangaeus (Pangaeus) aethiops (Fabricius)


Pangaeus (Pangaeus) aethiops (Fabricius) 

Diagnosis. The male is easily recognized by the deep medioapical emargination of the genital capsule, although females cannot easy be identified, except by the large ocelli. Body length 7.34 to 9.73 mm.

Head. Anterior margin outline a slightly elongate semicircle, juga as long as or longer than tylus and nearly or quite contiguous beyond its apex; surface polished, with few scattered minute punctures, apex distinctly curved; juga longitudinally impressed medially, with one submarginal setigerous puncture immediately anterior to eye; ocelli large; jugum ventrally, except posterior fourth, polished, impunctate; rostrum reaching between or slightly beyond middle coxae. Pronotum. Anterior margin shallowly, doubly emarginated; lateral margin nearly straight on basal two thirds, with four or five setigerous punctures submarginally; transverse impression weak but evident, marked by medially interrupted row of punctures; anterior lobe with median line finely impressed on apical half; posterior lobe with several to many punctures scattered across full width; propleuron weakly alutaceous, punctured in depression and sometimes anterior to acetabulum, prosternal carina less than half as high as rostral II; mesopleuron with lateral area with few or no punctures; metapleuron with lateral margin of evaporatorium weakly or not concave, lateral area impunctate. Scutellum. Disc polished, with numerous punctures scattered nearly to apex. Hemelytra. Clavus and corium alutaceous; clavus with one complete and sometimes a second incomplete row of punctures; mesocorium with one complete and sometimes another incomplete or complete row of punctures; exocorial punctures likewise varying from absent to distinct; costa with two setigerous punctures. Legs. Posteroventral margin of hind tibia with fine tubercles basal of distinct angulation at basal sixth and three or four subapical spines. Sternites without distinct punctures except in spiracular area.

Old records. Finca el Cipres, south of Flores, Sacapulas ( Froeschner, 1960).

New records. 3 females, 3 males, Suchitepequez, Finca Los Tarrales, 10 km N of Patulul, 14 ° 32 ’ 24 ’’ N 91 ° 09’ 40 ’’, 1050m, 5 /VI/ 2005, R. Zack; 4 females, 1 male, Zacapa, Santa Cruz, Marble Quarry rd, NE of Teculutan, 15 ° 02’ 604 ’’ N 89 ° 40 ’ 126 ’, 573m, 17 /V/ 2006, R. Zack. ( WSUC, UVGC, CNIN, IEXA).


Collecion de Artropodos


Coleccion Nacional de Insectos, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico