Tominotus unisetosus Froeschner,

M, Cristina Mayorga & P, Luis Cervantes, 2009, Two new species of Amnestus from Guatemala, with new records for some other Guatemalan burrower bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cydnidae), Zootaxa 2311, pp. 19-37: 34

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.191888

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Tominotus unisetosus Froeschner


Tominotus unisetosus Froeschner 

Diagnosis. Among its congeners with the uninterrupted mesopleural evaporatorium, this species may be recognized by the single setigerous puncture on the costa.

Head. Juga semicircular, converging but not contiguous beyond apex of tylus; latter with two setigerous punctures subapically; juga with submarginal punctures giving rise to peg-like setae anteriorly and long slender setae basally; surface faintly to distinctly rugose radially, with numerous rounded, wide, shallow punctures; rostrum reaching between middle coxae. Pronotum with anterior margin strongly emarginate; side margins convex, not sinuate nor constricted at ends of transverse groove; lateral submarginal row with six or seven setigerous punctures; transverse impression weak, marked by a row of close-set, prominent punctures; anterior lobe impunctate discally, with an irregular double row of prominent punctures and numerous minute ones; posterior lobe polished, with few scattered, moderate punctures and more numerous minute ones on median disc and laterally. Scutellum disc with numerous distinct, irregularly placed punctures except on basal fifth and on apex. Corial areas well defined, polished; mesocorium with numerous punctures, these obsolete on middle third, coarser and closer set in two rows paralleling claval suture; exocorial area distinctly, closely and rather irregularly punctured throughout; clavus with a disrupted, submedian row of distinct, close-set punctures. Sternites shining, impunctate, irregularly sculptured with obsolete to distinct longitudinal rugae.

Old records. 70 miles east of Guatemala City; Panzos ( Froeschner 1960)