Dallasiellus (Dallasiellus) lugubris (Stål),

M, Cristina Mayorga & P, Luis Cervantes, 2009, Two new species of Amnestus from Guatemala, with new records for some other Guatemalan burrower bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cydnidae), Zootaxa 2311, pp. 19-37: 29-30

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.191888

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Dallasiellus (Dallasiellus) lugubris (Stål)


Dallasiellus (Dallasiellus) lugubris (Stål) 

Diagnosis. Within its subgenus this species may be recognized by its small size (3.9 to 5.5 mm) coupled with the presence of two or more setigerous punctures in the front of the eye on the submargin of the head, and two almost equally developed rows of mesocorial punctures paralleling the claval suture.

Head. Anterior margin semicircular, juga very slightly longer than tylus; surface polished, impunctate, and with faint, radiating rugae; two to four close-set submarginal setigerous punctures immediately in front of eye and usually two widely separated ones beyond them; juga ventrally polished, impunctate; bucculae about as high as rostral II, evanescent posteriorly; rostrum reaching between middle coxae. Pronotum. Anterior margin weakly, doubly emarginated; side margins entire, gently curving on anterior third, with six submarginal setigerous punctures; transverse impression more or less impressed laterally, obsolete medially; anterior lobe with a curved, irregular band of distinct punctures subapically and a patch of numerous coarse punctures laterally: posterior lobe with several distinct punctures medially and laterally; propleuron distinctly punctured only in the depression; prosternal carinae less than half as high as rostral II; mesopleuron with evaporatorium reaching lateral margin and extended anteriorly, polished area impunctate; metapleuron with peritreme free apically, evaporatorium virtually straight laterally, polished area impunctate. Scutellum. Disc polished and with numerous scattered punctures becoming finer apically. Hemelytra. Corium and clavus polished; clavus with one complete row and one incomplete row of punctures; mesocorium with two complete rows of punctures paralleling clavocorial suture; exocorium more densely punctuate; costa with one to three setigerous punctures. Sternites shining, impunctate except for a few punctures behind spiracles.

Old records. Coban ( Froeschner, 1960).

New records. 2 females, 2 males, Suchitepequez, Finca Los Tarrales, 8 km N of Patulul, 14 ° 31 ’ 37 ’’ N 91 ° 08’ 17 ’’, 760m, 8 /VI/ 2005, R. Zack; 1 female, Peten, Parque Natural Ixppanpajul, 18 /X/ 2006, J. & M. Huether. ( WSUC, UVGC, CNIN, IEXA).


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