Wirada Keyserling, 1886

Campuzano, Emmanuel F. & Ibarra-Núñez, Guillermo, 2018, A new species of the spider genus Wirada (Araneae, Theridiidae) from Mexico, with taxonomic notes on the genus and a key to the species, Zootaxa 4457 (3), pp. 495-500: 495-496

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Wirada Keyserling, 1886


Wirada Keyserling, 1886 

Type species: Wirada punctata Keyserling, 1886 

Diagnosis. Wirada  is close to Phoroncidia Westwood, 1835  by sharing a heavily sclerotized opisthosoma, sclerotized plates around spinnerets, a colulus replaced by two setae and an embolus shifted ectally, but it differs by having chitinous setiferous bridges on the carapace and sternum, and by the theridioid tegular apophysis embedded in the tegulum. Crustulina Menge, 1868  also has chitinous setiferous bridges on carapace and sternum, and embolus shifted ectally, but differs from Wirada  by having an opisthosoma only partially sclerotized, a developed colulus, an apophysis in the cymbal distal promargin and a palpal conductor.