Calophya Löw,

Rendón-Mera, Diana Isabel, Serna, Francisco & Burckhardt, Daniel, 2017, Generic synopsis of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Psylloidea) from Colombia, Zootaxa 4350 (3): -1

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Calophya Löw


Calophya Löw 

( Figs 22, 23View FIGURES 10 – 27, 71View FIGURES 71 – 76. 71, 81View FIGURES 81 – 83)

Diagnosis: Head a little wider than mesonotum, with posterior margin slightly concave; genal processes often present, of variable size and shape ( Fig. 22View FIGURES 10 – 27); genae with a prominent basal swelling below the eye ( Fig. 23View FIGURES 10 – 27, arrow). Antennae short, about as long as head width; sometimes with less than 10 segments; segment 3 always the longest; terminal setae usually much longer than segment 10. Forewing of variable shape; pterostigma present but may be very narrow; costal break present; cell cu1 large, m1 small; anal break in distance of apex of Cu1b. Meracanthus short, pointed and straight; metatibia without genual spine and 1+(2–5) apical spurs; metabasitarsus without apical spurs.

Biology and damage: Immatures of Calophya schini  induce pit galls on leaves, shoots and buds of Schinus molle  ( Anacardiaceae  ) ( Fig. 71View FIGURES 71 – 76. 71). High infestation produces tissue deformation due to elevated number of galls, which may result in premature defoliation and dessication of branches ( Pinzón & González 2002).

Host-plants: Sapindales  ; one species on Fouquieria  ( Fouquieriaceae, Violales  ) and one perhaps associated with Phoradendron  ( Santalaceae  , Santalales  ) ( Burckhardt & Basset 2000; Mendez et al. 2016).

Distribution: Cosmopolitan except for Afrotropical and west Palaearctic regions ( Burckhardt & Basset 2000).— Colombia: Calophya schini ( Pinzón & González 2002)  .

Examined material: Calophya schini  : Cundinamarca: 6 (male, female), Bogotá, Univ. Nal. Col., 4°63'N, 74°08'W, 2603 m, 29-Jan-2014, Schinus molle (R. Simbaqueba)  , UNAB 1374; 4 (male, female), Bogotá, Univ. Nal. Col., 4°38.302’N, 74°5.177'W, 2624 m, 5-Feb-2015, Schinus molle (J. Díaz)  , UNAB 1374; 1 (male), Bogotá, Univ. Nal. Col., 4°38'N, 74°05'W, 2603 m, 21-Aug-2012 (L. Zubieta), UNAB 1374.— Calophya  sp.: Magdalena: 1 (male), PNN Tayrona: Pueblito, 11°20’N, 74°2’W, 225 m, 26-Oct –22-Nov-2000, Malaise (R. Henriquez) IAvH-E- 161385.