Lanthanaphalara Tuthill,

Rendón-Mera, Diana Isabel, Serna, Francisco & Burckhardt, Daniel, 2017, Generic synopsis of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Psylloidea) from Colombia, Zootaxa 4350 (3): -1

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Lanthanaphalara Tuthill


Lanthanaphalara Tuthill 

( Figs 11View FIGURES 10 – 27, 77View FIGURES 77 – 80)

Diagnosis: Head as wide as mesoscutum; vertex longer than half its width, anteriorly projected into lobes on each side of the coronal suture ( Fig. 11View FIGURES 10 – 27); occiput strongly developed below the eyes; genae not forming processes. Clypeus subspherical. Antenna twice as long as head width. Forewing with pterostigma wide and short; veins M+Cu1 and R subequal. Hind leg with small, nipple-like meracanthus; area beneath meracanthus forming a rounded swelling ( Fig. 39View FIGURES 37 – 46. 37 – 38); metatibia twice as long as femur, without genual spine and with a crown of 8 apical spurs. Male proctiger with well-developed posterior lobes.

Biology and damage: Unknown.

Host-plant: Dunalia umbellata  ( Solanaceae  ) ( Tuthill 1959).

Distribution: Endemic to the Neotropics (Burckhardt & Queiroz 2013).

Remarks: This is the first record of this genus in Colombia.

Examined material: Lanthanaphalara cf. mira Tuthill  : Nariño: 5 (male, female) Pasto , 23-Aug-1961, shrubs (G. Bravo), CTNI 66.