Triozoida Crawford,

Rendón-Mera, Diana Isabel, Serna, Francisco & Burckhardt, Daniel, 2017, Generic synopsis of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Psylloidea) from Colombia, Zootaxa 4350 (3): -1

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Triozoida Crawford


Triozoida Crawford 

( Figs 36View FIGURES 28 – 36, 58View FIGURES 47 – 58, 70View FIGURES 59 – 70, 83View FIGURES 81 – 83)

Diagnosis: Head about as wide as mesoscutum, widely separated from prothorax ( Fig. 70View FIGURES 59 – 70); hind margin strongly concave; lateral ocelli raised on tubercles; genal processes short, broad, subtruncate, peg-like, with long pubescence; separated with a U-shaped gap ( Fig. 36View FIGURES 28 – 36), with a small dorsoapical tubercular swelling. Clypeus prominent with two apical setae. Antennae 1.5–2.5 times longer than head width; terminal setae subequal and pointed. Forewing acutely pointed apically ( Fig. 58View FIGURES 47 – 58), with point outside m1; vein M+Cu1 present, greatly reduced; often with a dark stripe along veins R+M+Cu1 and base of R. Meracanthus large and pointed; metatibia with genual spine and with 2–4+(3–4) apical spurs.

Biology and damage: Immatures of Triozoida limbata (Enderlein)  , covered in wax and producing honeydew, develop inside roll leaf galls on Psidium guajava  ( Myrtaceae  ). Further damage turn leaves yellow or reddish and subsequently become necrotic ( Gallo et al. 2002).

Host-plants: Myrtaceae ( Hodkinson 1989)  .

Distribution: Central and South America ( Hodkinson 1989).

Examined material: Triozoida limbata  : Antioquia: 4 (male, female), Medellín, 1479 m, 6°15'46"N, 75°34'40"N, Oct-1972 (A. Madrigal), UNAB 1141. Valle del Cauca: 6 (male, female), Caicedonia, Club de Caza y Pesca, 4°19’12.80”N, 75°49’40.40”W, 1100 m, Jan-2015, Psidium guajava (D. Rendón)  , UNAB 1489. Caldas: 4 (female), Chinchiná, Nov-1971, Psidium guajava (L. Pérez)  , CTNI 60. Cauca: 2 (male), Popayán, Vda. La Rejoya, Parcelación Atardeceres de La Pradera, 2°30’27.54”N, 76°34’54.80”W, 1800 m, 24-Jan-2015, Psidium guajava (A. Rendón)  , UNAB 1489.— Triozoida  sp. 1: Cundinamarca: 1 (male), Guasca, km 46, Baccharis boyacensis (J. H. Torres)  , ICN 090480.— Triozoida  sp. 2: Boyacá: 3 (male, female), Moniquirá, 6-Feb-1991, leaves of Psidium guajava (F. Mosquera)  , CTNI 62.