Scatopsciara steffani Mohrig, Kauschke & Broadley,

Mohrig, Werner, Kauschke, Ellen & Broadley, Adam, 2019, Revision of black fungus gnat species (Diptera, Sciaridae) described from the Hawaiian Islands by D. E. Hardy and W. A. Steffan, and a contribution to the knowledge of the sciarid fauna of the, Zootaxa 4590 (4), pp. 401-439: 428

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Scatopsciara steffani Mohrig, Kauschke & Broadley

sp. n.

Scatopsciara steffani Mohrig, Kauschke & Broadley  sp. n. *

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Material: Holotype: Male, 6.xii.1992, Galápagos Islands, Isabela I., Sierra Negra , Pozzo del Cura , 700 m, net, leg. Ger (PWMP). Paratype: 1 male, 1–13.viii.1997, Hawaiian Islands; O‘ahu, ‘ Ewa , suburban area, Malaise trap, leg. Gonzales ( PWMP)    .

Description. Male. Head. Eye bridge 2–3 facets wide. 4 th flagellomere with a l/w-index of 2.6, with hairs longer than the diameter of the basal node and a rather long neck. Palpus rather short, 3-segmented, basal segment with a small and slightly deepened sensory pit and 1 bristle. Thorax. Brown. Scutum with brownish hairs. Wing slightly brownish; R 1 short; c much longer than ½ w; y short = 1/ 2 x, bare; posterior veins bare and clearly visible. Haltere short, brownish. Legs somewhat paler than thorax; tibial organ small, comb-like; spurs of middle and hind tibia with two long but unequal spurs; claws toothless. Abdomen. Brown. Hypopygium brown, ventral base and the inner ventral margin of gonocoxites sparsely haired; gonocoxites longer than gonostylus; gonostylus elongate, somewhat club-shaped, not bulbous in the middle of the inner sides; without an apical tooth but with 4 equal apical/ subapical spines between dense bristle-like hairs on the apex. Tegmen large, wider than high. Aedeagus long, with a distinct furca. Body size: 1.5 mm.

*The species is named in honour of Wallace A. Steffan (20 August 1934 – 30 September 2016).

Comments. The species is characterized by a rather short palpus with a distinctly deepened sensory area, a short y, long C, hypopygium with an elongate, somewhat club-shaped gonostylus without an apical tooth but with 4 subequal spines between bristle-like hairs at the apex.

Distribution. Hawaiian Islands (O‘ahu); Galápagos Islands (Isabela I.).