Corynoptera latistylata ( Hardy, 1956 )

Mohrig, Werner, Kauschke, Ellen & Broadley, Adam, 2019, Revision of black fungus gnat species (Diptera, Sciaridae) described from the Hawaiian Islands by D. E. Hardy and W. A. Steffan, and a contribution to the knowledge of the sciarid fauna of the, Zootaxa 4590 (4), pp. 401-439: 411

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Corynoptera latistylata ( Hardy, 1956 )


Corynoptera latistylata ( Hardy, 1956) 

( Figs 6 A – CView FIGURE 6, 7View FIGURE 7)

Sciara (Lycoriella) latistylata Hardy 1956  [ Hardy (1956): 82 –83, fig. 7 a – d].

Literature: Hardy (1960): 225 – 226, fig. 73 a – e; Steffan (1969): 699–701, fig. 12 a – h; Steffan (1973a): 357; Menzel & Heller (2007): 215–216; Menzel & Smith (2009): 30 – 31, figs 18–20.

Material studied: Holotype  : Male, ii 1953, Hawai‘i, O‘ahu, Kuliouou Valley , 457 m, leg. C.P. Hoyt (BPBM, No. 2490). 2 males, 1–13.viii.1997, O‘ahu, ‘ Ewa, urban area, Malaise trap, leg. Gonsalves (PWMP).

Conservation status. Embedded in Canada balsam. Head, palpus, antennae and wings isolated, wings under a separate cover slip. All morphological structures are in good condition, the hypopygium somewhat depressed.

Comments. The species is characterized by rather long flagellomeres, 3 segmented palpus with 1 bristle on the basal segment, a nearly comb-like row of bristles at the apex of fore tibia, rather long hairs on scutum, hypopygium with short hairs at the ventral base and the inner margin of the short gonocoxites, gonostylus nearly as large as the gonocoxites, with 3 short apical spines and a somewhat stronger spine in the apical third of the inner side. It belongs to the C. parvula  species group sensu Menzel & Mohrig (2000) as postulated by Steffan (1973a) and Menzel & Smith (2009). The hypopygium of the type species is depressed. The real proportions are shown by the specimen collected from ‘Ewa (figure 7) and by figures 18 and 19 by Menzel & Smith (2009).

The species is very widely distributed within the Southern Hemisphere from Hawaii via Micronesia up to the Seychelles Islands. It enters the Northern Hemisphere in the United Arab Emirates ( Menzel & Smith 2009).

Menzel & Smith (2009) synonymized Corynoptera praegladiota Mohrig, 2004  from Papua New Guinea with C. latistylata (Hardy)  . C. praegladiota  is smaller, has short and broad wings, shorter flagellomeres, a lesser colour contrast between thorax and legs and a slender gonostylus with stronger winged dorsal sides. Both species are very similar to each other but not necessarily identical.

Distribution. Hawai‘i; Micronesia; Seychelles Islands; United Arab Emirates.














Corynoptera latistylata ( Hardy, 1956 )

Mohrig, Werner, Kauschke, Ellen & Broadley, Adam 2019

Sciara (Lycoriella) latistylata

Hardy, D. E. 1956: 82