Volxemia solangeae

Monné, Miguel A. & Monné, Marcela L., 2018, Synopsis of the genus Volxemia Lameere, 1884 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), Zootaxa 4457 (3), pp. 491-494: 492-493

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Volxemia solangeae

sp. nov.

Volxemia solangeae  sp. nov. ( Fig. 1 View Figure )

Holotype male. Integument brown to dark brown, except head and prothorax reddish brown and elytra uniformly

castaneous yellow. Head with occiput and front finely and densely punctate, few long setae on front. Lower lobe of eyes about 1.2× taller than gena below it; upper lobes separated by twice width of a lobe. Antennae longer than elytra, extending beyond elytral apices by two antennomeres; ventral face with sparse setae. Prothorax with sides subparallel, pronotum finely and transversely striated on anterior half, with transverse basal sulcus. Prosternal process as wide as one procoxa, with lateral projections; mesosternal process as wide as mesocoxa. Scutellum subtriangular and small. Elytra about 5 times as long as prothorax, without developed eburneous callus, except for minute basal callus (barely visible); surface very finely and densely punctate, each puncture with minute seta directed backward. Elytral apex transversely truncate, internal angle with short spine, external angle with long acute spine. Legs slender, very long; meso- and metafemora bispinose at apex, inner spine much longer than outer spine. Basal metatarsomere more than twice length of following two tarsomeres together. Abdomen covered with sparse grayish hairs. Fifth urosternite transversely truncate at apex.

Measurements (mm), holotype male. Total length, 9.5; prothorax length, 1.5; prothorax width, 1.1; elytral length, 7.3; humeral width, 1.5.

Etymology. This species is named for Dilma Solange Napp, who identified the genus of the specimen. Our dear friend passed away some days ago, and the science loss an excellent researcher.

Type material. Holotype male: Brazil, São Paulo: Jabaquara , 01.XI.1941, H. Zellibor. ( MNRJAbout MNRJ). 

Remarks. The species of Volxemia  are very similar, differing mainly by the color pattern of the body and the characteristics described in the identification key.


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