Volxemia Lameere, 1884

Monné, Miguel A. & Monné, Marcela L., 2018, Synopsis of the genus Volxemia Lameere, 1884 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), Zootaxa 4457 (3), pp. 491-494: 491

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Volxemia Lameere, 1884


Volxemia Lameere, 1884 

Lolxemia Lameere, 1884: 85; Martins & Napp, 1979: 93; Martins, 1997: 59; 1999: 152 (rev.); Monné, M. A., 2005: 172 (cat.); Monné, M. A., 2012: 18; Botero, 2015: 14.

Type-species. Lolxemia dianella Lameere, 1884  (monotypy).

Martins (1999) redescribed Volxemia  and discussed its relationships with other genera of Eburiini  . Volxemia  differs from all other genera of Eburiini  by the following characters: body distinctly elongated and narrow; eyes finely faceted; antennae filiform; antennomere III without carina; pronotum and mesosternum without tubercles; elytra 4.5× longer than wide, finely and densely punctate on entire surface; elytral apex with long, acute outer spine; meso- and metafemora long and linear.

Volxemia  and Pronuba Thomson, 1861  are the only genera in the tribe Eburiini  with the ommatidia finely faceted ( Martins, 1999). Volxemia  differs from Pronuba  by the prothorax laterally unarmed and the pronotum and mesosternum without tubercles. In Pronuba  , the prothorax is laterally tuberculate, and the pronotum and mesosternum are also tuberculate.