Leptotrombidium hanseni Traub and Lakshana, 1966

Kaluz, Stanislav, Hung, Nguyen Manh, Capek, Miroslav & Literak, Ivan, 2016, Two new species and new records of chiggers (Acari: Leeuwenhoekiidae, Trombiculidae) from birds in Vietnam, Zootaxa 4061 (5), pp. 483-503: 488

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Leptotrombidium hanseni Traub and Lakshana, 1966


Leptotrombidium hanseni Traub and Lakshana, 1966 

Material examined. Location A: 7 larvae from Pellorneum ruficeps  ( Passeriformes  : Pellorneidae  ), 1 February 2010; 1 larva from Pellorneum ruficeps  , 4 February 2010.

Distribution and hosts. L. hanseni  is reported to parasitize Tupaia glis (Diard)  ( Scandentia  : Tupaiidae  ) in China ( Stekolnikov 2013). We found L. hanseni  in Vietnam for the first time. Pellorneum ruficeps  is a new host for this chigger.