Hutufeideria Hirschmann & Hiramatsu, 1977

Kontschán, Jenő, 2011, Uropodina mites with unusual chelicerae from Thailand (Acari: Mesostigmata), Zootaxa 2984, pp. 54-66 : 58

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Hutufeideria Hirschmann & Hiramatsu, 1977


Hutufeideria Hirschmann & Hiramatsu, 1977

Type species. Hutufeideria hutuae Hirschmann & Hiramatsu, 1977 by original designation.

Diagnosis. Idiosoma oval or rectangular, colour brown. Postdorsal shield present with weakly sclerotised, membranous caudal appendix. Genital shield of female scutiform. Tritosternum with narrow base, tritosternal laciniae subdivided into three pilose branches. Corniculi narrow, horn-like and bearing 1–5 lateral spines. Insertion of corniculi situated below level of insertion of h1. Internal malae pilose marginally. Hypostomal setae h1 long, smooth or subdivided into two-four branches, h2, h3 and h4 marginally serrate. Epistome long, simple or apically subdivided into two branches, basally serrate and apically pilose. Chelicerae with internal sclerotised node, fixed digit and movable digit very long, with only 1–2 teeth apically.

Notes on the genus. Hutufeideria is known from ten species from New Guinea, Japan, Indonesia (Borneo), Australia and Thailand, namely H. aoki Hiramatsu, 1979 ( Japan) , H. haradai Hiramatsu, 1983b ; H. virtuosa Hiramatsu, 1983b ( Indonesia, Borneo), H. hutuae Hirschmann & Hiramatsu, 1977 ; H. feideri Hirschmann & Hiramatsu, 1977 ; H. deliciosa Hiramatsu, 1978 ; H. hirschmanni Hiramatsu, 1978 ; H. hirschmannisimilis Hiramatsu, 1980 ; H. feiderisimilis Hiramatsu, 1981 (New Guinea) ( WiŠniewski 1993) and H. hirschmanni (Hiramatsu, 1978) ( Australia) ( WiŠniewski 1993, Kontschán 2010d). Kontschán (2010d) moved Kaszabjbaloghia hirschmanni Hiramatsu, 1978 into the genus Hutufeideria . That action made the Australian species Hutufeideria hirschmanni ( Hiramatsu, 1978b, pp. 109–111, Fig. 108) a secondary homonym of the New Guinea species Hutufeideria hirschmanni Hiramatsu, 1978a (pp. 106–108. Fig. 106). These two species were described simultaneously, so as First Reviser I propose Hutufeideria hirschmannoides nom. nov. as a replacement name for the Australian species Hutufeideria hirschmanni ( Hiramatsu, 1978b, pp. 109–111, Fig. 108).

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