Limodorum abortivum (L.) Sw.

Jarvis, Charlie, 2007, pp 705 - 708 in: Order out of Chaos, Order out of Chaos: Linnaean Plant Names and their Types, London: The Linnean Society of London, pp. 705-708: 705

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Limodorum abortivum (L.) Sw.


Orchis abortiva Linnaeus  , Species Plantarum 2: 943. 1753.

“Habitat in Gallia, Helvetia, Anglia, Italia.” RCN: 6830.

Lectotype (Al-Eisawi in Kew Bull. 41:361. 1986; Baumann & al. in Mitteilungsbl. Arbeitskr. Fleim. Orchid. Baden-W ürttemberg 21\ 493, Abb. 23. 1989): Herb. Linn. No. 1054.43, middle specimen


Current name: Limodorum abortivum (L.) Sw.  LSID  ( Orchidaceae  LSID  ).

Note: Al-Eisawi indicated material in LINN as type, sheet 1054.43

being the only one associated with this name. Baumann & al.

restricted the type to the middle specimen on the type sheet, and assume that it was collected in Fontainebleau by Linnaeus in 1738, but there are no annotations on the sheet itself to indicate this. At least one of the other specimens on the sheet came from Magnol

(from Provence).