Balclutha pararubrostriata

Naveed, Hassan & Zhang, Yalin, 2018, Review of the leafhopper tribe Macrostelini Kirkaldy (Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) in Pakistan with description of a new species, Zootaxa 4462 (2), pp. 257-273: 262

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Balclutha pararubrostriata


Balclutha pararubrostriata  n. rec.

Figs. 1D –GView FIGURE 1, 3A –GView FIGURE 3

Balclutha pararubrostriata  RaO & Ramakrishnan, 1990: 106; Webb & Vilbaste, 1994: 64, Fig. 130.

Coloration and morphology. Yellowish brown in general colour ( Fig. 1DView FIGURE 1). Pronotum and scutellum with three longitudinal brownish bands ( Fig. 1DView FIGURE 1). Forewings with reddish or orange stripes ( Fig. 1D, FView FIGURE 1). Pronotum with eyelike brown marking on each side ( Fig. 1DView FIGURE 1). Crown with coronal suture and markings around each ocellus brown ( Fig. 1DView FIGURE 1). Face with sutures ( Fig. 1EView FIGURE 1); clypeus shiny brownish with transverse brown bands ( Fig. 1EView FIGURE 1).

Head slightly narrower than pronotum; crown of uniform length, anterior margin broadly rounded ( Fig. 1D, FView FIGURE 1). Ocelli separated from eyes at a distance equal to 2-3 times own width. Pronotum with lateral margins long. Hind femur setal formula: 2+1+1.

Male genitalia. Pygofer lobe broadly rounded at posterior margin with group of macrosetae medially ( Fig. 3AView FIGURE 3); dual hook-like pygofer appendages present at posteroventral margin ( Fig. 3A –BView FIGURE 3). Subgenital plate broad, triangular, convexly rounded apically ( Fig. 3FView FIGURE 3). Valve broadly triangular ( Fig. 3FView FIGURE 3). Style with apophysis long, slightly curved laterally; preapical lobe well-developed with few setae ( Fig. 3FView FIGURE 3). Connective Y-shaped with stem longer than arms, broadened apically ( Fig. 3CView FIGURE 3). Aedeagus with basal apodeme finger-like in lateral view ( Fig. 3EView FIGURE 3); shaft slender, curved dorsad; much straighter at the midlength, curved near apex laterally; gonopore apical ( Fig. 3D –EView FIGURE 3).

Female genitalia. Seventh sternum deeply notched medially on posterior margin.

Material examined. 4♂♂, 8♀♀, Pakistan: Azad Jammu & Kashmir: Rawlakot, 1638m, 7 August 2017, Coll. Hassan Naveed. 

Distribution. Pakistan, India.














Balclutha pararubrostriata

Naveed, Hassan & Zhang, Yalin 2018

Balclutha pararubrostriata

RaO & Ramakrishnan, 1990 : 106
Webb & Vilbaste, 1994 : 64