Tridactylus bijakherensis, Gupta & Shi & Chandra, 2018

Gupta, Sunil Kumar, Shi, Jian-Ping & Chandra, Kailash, 2018, A new species of the genus Tridactylus Olivier, 1789 (Orthoptera, Tridactyloidea, Tridactylidae) from India, Zootaxa 4407 (1), pp. 141-144 : 142-143

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Tridactylus bijakherensis

sp. nov.

Tridactylus bijakherensis sp. nov. (fig. 1 A–I)

Material examined (5 specimens).

Holotype. 1♀, DC. INDIA, Chhattisgarh, Korba, Bijakhera Nala ,, 22°24 ′ 50.1 ′′ N, 83°00 ′ 33.5 ′′ E, 324m. coll. S. K. Gupta & party, Registration no. 21101/H5. GoogleMaps

Paratypes. 4♀, same locality as holotype Registration no. 21102/H5 to 21105/H5. GoogleMaps

Description: Female. Body slightly luster. Head black with a broad dark reddish band anterior and posterior margin of pronotum. Antennae reddish brown, 11 segments, filiform, apical part of joint larger than basal part length (fig. 1 B, I). Compound eyes slightly grey colour. Three ocelli, yellow and small. Carinae from eye to vertex absent. Pronotum wide, anterior margin straight, posterior strongly and regularly rounded, disk strongly transverse and convex, lateral lobe of pronotum rounded (fig. 1 H). Width of pronotum subequal to its length. Fore wings reddish brown and short. Hind wings slightly reddish brown, extend a more beyond the abdomen (fig. 1 A, C, E). Fore legs dark brown and mid legs with obscure white markings. Femur of hind legs black with two white bands and three whitish patch, tibiae of hind legs whitish marking near base, tibial serrae large, with two internal and 3 external articulated lamellae (fig. 1 D, F). Cerci brown, with 2nd joint shorter than 1st (fig. 1 G). Stylus subequal to cercus.

Measurements (in mm). Female. Body length (from the tip of the vertex to the end of the abdomen): 7.33; Pronotum length: 2.55, width 2.30. Fore leg: femur length: 0.87, width: 0.35; tibia length: 0.49, width: 0.48; tarsus length (by segments): I: 0.24, claw length: 0.14. Mid leg: femur length 2.01, width 0.43; tibial length 1.21, width 0.56; tarsus length: I: 0.30, II: 0.59; claw length 0.26. Hind leg: femur length: 4.44, width: 1.26; tibia length: 3.81, width: 0.18; tarsus length: I: 1.12. Abdomen length: 4.69. Wings: tegmen length: 2.65, hind wing 6.56.

Male unknown.

Diagnosis: The new species is similar to Tridactylus thoracicus Guerin, 1844 . The major differences are listed in Table 1.

The new species is also similar to Tridactylus major Scudder, 1869 , but it differs from the latter by having body size large, length of body 7.0– 7.4 mm, intermedia tibiae crossed by two stripe; the hind wings extend a more beyond the middle of hind tibiae.

Etymology. The name of the species has been given after the collection locality of the species.