Nygren, Arne, 2004, Revision of Autolytinae (Syllidae: Polychaeta)., Zootaxa 680, pp. 1-314: 25

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Descriptions of Autolytinae  taxa

A Linnean name definition is provided for all supra¬≠specific taxa, and where appropriate also a phylogenetic definition. A list of apomorphies for these taxa is also presented (graphically shown in Fig. 4View FIGURE 4). A general description introduces each generic taxon, and characters constant for the group are not repeated for each species description. For identification purposes, the reader is recommended to use the key in Table 4. The key excludes taxa known only from stolons, incertae sedis  and nomina dubia. One should have in mind that some taxa are not possible to separate without information on colour pattern, which are rarely retained in preserved material. There are also tables provided for Proceraea  ( Table 5, p. 32), Virchowia  ( Table 6, p. 34), Procerini  other than Proceraea  and Virchowia  ( Table 7, p. 34), Myrianida  ( Table 8, p. 35), and Epigamia  ( Table 9, p. 38), where characters suitable for identification are listed. Further, a short diagnosis is found in the introduction of each species description.