Brachymeria Westwood,

Aquino, Daniel Alejandro, Tavares, Marcelo Texeira, Balducci, Ezequiel, Baca, Verónica & Quinteros, Sara Quintana De, 2015, The microlepidopterous natural enemy Brachymeria subrugosa Blanchard, 1942 (Hymenoptera, Chalcididae): identity, hosts and geographic distribution, Zootaxa 4013 (2), pp. 293-300: 294

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Brachymeria Westwood


Brachymeria Westwood 

Brachymeria  was recently diagnosed by Andrade & Tavares (2009) and is based on the following characteristics: hind tarsal claw with a falciform process (Brachymeriini); scrobal-malar carina absent; mandibular formula 2: 3 or 2: 2, in the later instance upper tooth at least half as long as lower tooth and never distant from the mandible apex; occipital carina not converging to occipital foramen; and diameter of mesonotal umbilicated fovea at least 0.25 × as large as mid ocellar diameter.