Micratys, Habe, 1952

Valdés, Ángel, 2008, Deep-sea “ cephalaspidean ” heterobranchs (Gastropoda) from the tropical southwest Pacific, Mémoires du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle 196, pp. 587-792 : 769-770

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Genus MICRATYS Habe, 1952

Micratys Habe, 1952b: 143 . Type species: Micratys ovum Habe, 1952 [Recent, Japan], by original designation.

DIAGNOSIS. — Shell morphology. Shell external, solid, oval, with only 1 whorl visible. Apex slightly perforated. Aperture longitudinal, as long as the shell, anteriorly rounded. Columella thickened, with no callus or denticles. Umbilicus present.

Anatomy. Radula with a denticulate rachidian tooth and several hamate lateral teeth. Innermost tooth wide and denticulate.

REMARKS. — The genus Micratys was introduced by Habe (1952b) for Micratys ovum a small species with an oval shell, with a slightly perforated apex, and a sculpture of spiral grooves, absent from the centre of the shell. The anatomy of the type species of Micratys has never been described. The diagnosis above is based on the species here examined.

It is not possible to determine whether Micratys is a valid genus because of the lack of anatomical information, but it is provisionally maintained as valid for those small and oval Atys -like shells with a perforated apex and a well developed umbilicus.