Polymastia Bowerbank, 1864

Austin, William C., Ott, Bruce S., Reiswig, Henry M., Romagosa, Paula & G, Neil, 2014, Taxonomic review of Hadromerida (Porifera, Demospongiae) from British Columbia, Canada, and adjacent waters, with the description of nine new species, Zootaxa 3823 (1), pp. 1-84: 18-22

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Polymastia Bowerbank, 1864


Genus Polymastia Bowerbank, 1864 

Comparison of North Pacific Polymastia  . Table 3 provides comparisons of known north Pacific Polymastia  with regard to their spicules, water depth and geographic ranges. The first four species were recorded from the NE Pacific (de Laubenfels 1936, Lambe 1895, this paper). The last seven species in the table occur in the NW Pacific ( Koltun 1959, 1962, 1966, 1970a, 1970 b; Plotkin 2002; Tanita et al. 1989). The fistulae shape and size of multifistulate Polymastia  from the north Pacific are compared in Table 4, and the appearance of preserved multifistulate Polymastia  from the NW Pacific is shown in Fig. 6View FIGURE 6. All species known from the NE Pacific are multifistulate, therefore north Pacific species with only a single fistula ( P. hispidissima Koltun 1966  ) were excluded from further consideration.

Species Source Exhalant Larger Shape of Fistulae Mean Size of Than Inhalant Fistulae (LxW at Fistulae base) (mm) 1 Described specimens had only one fistula per sponge

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TABLE 4. North Pacific Polymastia fistula comparison.

Polymastia piscesae  n. sp. W.C. Austin      
Polymastia pacifica W.C. Austin   Rounded apex, conical  
Polymastia pachymastia W.C. Austin      
Polymastia kurilensis W.C. Austin      
  Not given    
  Not given