Dendrocellus crassus (Andrewes) Liang & Kavanaugh, 2007

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H., 2007, Review of the Genus Dendrocellus Schmidt-Göbel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Dryptini), with Descriptions of Seven New Species, The Coleopterists Bulletin (Oxford, England) 61 (1), pp. 1-39 : 1-39

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Dendrocellus crassus (Andrewes)

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Dendrocellus crassus (Andrewes) , new combination

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Desera crassa Andrewes 1931: 477 (Borneo 5 Pulau Kalimantan)

Specimens examined. Total 18 specimens: Indonesia : 1 female ( ISNB), ‘‘ Coll. I. R. Sc. N. B. Borneo 1900, Pontianak, ex coll. Oberthur’ ’; 1 female ( ISNB), ‘‘ Coll .

18 I. R. Sc. N. B. Java – Togoe, 1902, ex. Coll. Oberthur’’; 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘Beokit Gabah, Z. W. K. Sumatra, leg. H. Lucht, I.1919 ’’/‘‘Coll. I. R. Sc. N. B. Sumatra’’; 1 male (ZMHU), ‘‘W. Sumatra, No. 18, VII.1991 ’’. Malaysia: 2 females (ZMHU), ‘‘Near Keningau, Is. Borneo, Sabah, E. Malaysia, 16 II 1989, M. Itoh’’/‘‘ Desera geniculata (Klug) det. N. Ito, 1993’’; 1 male and 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘ Kina Balu , Borneo’’/‘‘Collection P. Dupuis’’/‘‘Coll. R. I. Sc. N. B. Borneo’’; 1 male and 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘ Kina balu , Borneo 1,500 m, H. Hille, Berlin SW11’’/ ‘‘R. I. Sc. Nat. Belg. I.G. 16.500’’/‘‘Coll. R. I. Sc. N. B. Borneo’’; 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘Coll. I. R. Sc. N. B. Nord Borneo, Kina Balu, Fr. Buffat, 1904 ’’; 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘Coll. I. R. Sc. N. B. Indonesie, N. Borneo, Mont Kina Balu , 5.VIII.1903, leg. John Waterstradt, ex coll. Oberthur IG. 18.293’’. Kalimantan (Malaysia or Indonesia): 1 male (ISNB), ‘‘Borneo’’/‘‘Collection P. Dupuis’’/‘‘Coll. R. I. Sc. N. B. Borneo’’; 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘Borneo’’/‘‘Collection P. Dupuis’’/ ‘‘ Desera unidentata M.L. det. P. Dupuis, 1913’’/‘‘ Desera unidentata ’’/‘‘Coll. R. I. Sc. N. B. Borneo’’; 1 male (ISNB), ‘‘Borneo’’/‘‘Reg. Mus. Hist. Nat., Belg. I.G. 10294’’/‘‘ longicollis Dj’’/‘‘G. Fagel’’/‘‘G. Fagel det. Desera longicollis Dej’’/‘‘Coll. R. I. Sc. N. B. Borneo’’; 1 male and 2 females (CAS), ‘‘Borneo, M. L. Hauschild’’/ ‘‘Van Dyke collection’’/‘‘ Dendrocellus crassus Andrewes 1931 , det. Liang H. B. 2005.3’’.

Description. Andrewes (1931) provided a detailed description and illustration. We simply add the following: length 9.4–10.4 mm, width 2.9–3.3 mm. Apical (not basal as stated in original description) four fifths of Ant 1 black; femora brown, with apical sixth or seventh black; Ant 1/Ant 3 5 3.45 (3.33–3.56); HW/PW 5 1.17 (1.12–1.21); PL/PW 5 1.53 (1.48–1.57); EW/PW 5 2.36 (2.18–2.42); EL/EW 5 1.72 (1.64–1.81); labrum with medial lobe slightly protruded anteriorly; genae short, slightly tumid; eyes moderately large, 2.5 times as long as genae; elytral punctation as in Fig. 45 View Figs ; protarsomere 3 symmetrical in male ( Fig. 53 View Figs ); tarsal claws with 5–6 pectinations, length of the longest pectination subequal to the width of claw base (similar to Fig. 63 View Figs ); last sternum as in Fig. 48 View Figs or 50. Aedeagus with apical lamella thin, linguiform ( Figs. 83–84 View Figs ).

Distribution. Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia (N. Kalimantan).

Remarks. We have not examined the type (in BMNH). Members of this species are readily recognized by their elytral intervals sparsely punctate ( Fig. 45 View Figs ), femora with apical sixth black, and tibiae completely black.


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Dendrocellus crassus (Andrewes)

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H. 2007

Desera crassa

Andrewes 1931: 477