Dendrocellus kulti (Jedlicka) Liang & Kavanaugh, 2007

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H., 2007, Review of the Genus Dendrocellus Schmidt-Göbel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Dryptini), with Descriptions of Seven New Species, The Coleopterists Bulletin (Oxford, England) 61 (1), pp. 1-39 : 1-39

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Dendrocellus kulti (Jedlicka)

new combination

Dendrocellus kulti (Jedlicka) , new combination

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Desera kulti Jedlicka 1960: 598 (Yunnan)

Desera kulti recondita Hansen 1967 (Taiwan), new synonymy

Specimens examined. Total 8 specimens. China: 1 female (NMPC), ‘‘China, Prov. Yunnan, Vallis Flumin, Soling-ho’’/‘‘Typus’’[red label]/‘‘ Desera kulti sp. n. det. Ing. Jedlicka’’; 1 male and 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘Sse-Tsong, alt. 2,000 m, Est Yunnan’’, Coll. R. S. Sc. N. B. China’’; 1 male, ‘‘ Tibet, Nyalam County, Zham Township, 2,200 m’’/‘‘ 1966.V.7, light trap, Shuyong Wang collector’’; 1 female, ‘‘ Yunnan, Wenquan’’/‘‘ 1982.III.26, Subai Liao collector’’; 1 male, ‘‘ Hubei, Xingshan, Longmen River, 1,330 m’’/‘‘ 1995.VI.11, Shuyong Wang collector’’; 1 male (ISNB), ‘‘ Desera kuntzeni P. Dupuis det. 1919’’/‘‘S. Formosa, Chip Chip, H. Sauter S. V.’’/‘‘W. Hansen det., 1966, Desera kulti Jedl. ssp. recondita nova’’/ ‘‘Type’’[red label]; 1 female (ISNB), ‘‘ Desera kuntzeni P. Dupuis det. 1919’’/ ‘‘Type’’/‘‘Formosa, Hoozan, III.10, H. Sauter S. G.’’/‘‘W. Hansen det., 1966, Desera kulti Jedl. ssp. recondita nova’’/‘‘Paratype’’.

Description. Length 9.6–11.6 mm, width 3.2–3.9 mm. Black with blue luster; Ant 1 pale yellow or with apical third brown; femora black with blue luster, tibiae yellow (dark brown in specimen from Hubei). Head almost equal in width to 26 pronotum, HW/PW 5 1.03 (0.97–1.10), Ant 1/Ant3 5 3.39 (3.13–3.62); labrum with medial lobe slightly or moderately protruded anteriorly; genae short, distinctly tumid (less so in males); eyes large, slightly protruded laterally, 2.6 times as long as genae. Pronotum short, PL/PW 5 1.29 (1.19–1.35), widest at apical third. Elytra wide and short, El/EW 5 1.58 (1.51–1.66), EW/PW 5 2.14 (2.07– 2.24), outer angles slightly round ( Fig. 35 View Figs ); intervals slightly convex, sparsely punctate, punctures small, mixed with some larger ones. Protarsomere 3 slightly asymmetrical in male; tarsal claws with 3–5 short pectinations, length of individual pectination less than half width of claw base (similar to Fig. 64 View Figs ). Aedeagus with apical lamella thin, wide, linguiform ( Figs. 81–82 View Figs ).

Distribution. China (Hubei, Taiwan, Tibet, Yunnan).

Remarks. We compared type specimens of Dendrocellus kulti kulti (Jedlicka) and D. kulti reconditus (Hansen) and found no significant difference, except that the former (length 9.6 mm) is slightly smaller than the latter (length 11.4– 11.6 mm). Members of this species can be recognized by their short pronota, blue elytra and black femora. This seemed to us at first to be just a blue color variation of D. nepalensis (Hope) ; but the color is very stable in all specimens we examined, and we treat it as a distinct species. Dendrocellus kulti (Jedlicka) is distributed only in China, from Tibet to Taiwan, its range partly overlapping with that of D. nepalensis Hope.














Dendrocellus kulti (Jedlicka)

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H. 2007

Desera kulti

Jedlicka 1960: 598