Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir, 1861

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H., 2007, Review of the Genus Dendrocellus Schmidt-Göbel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Dryptini), with Descriptions of Seven New Species, The Coleopterists Bulletin (Oxford, England) 61 (1), pp. 1-39 : 1-39

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Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir


Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir

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Dendrocellus flavipes, Schmidt-Göbel 1846: 24 ( India)

Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir 1861: 546 ( Nepal, India)

Types. Lectotype, designated here, a male ( NMPC), ‘‘ Mus. Pragense, Coll. Helfer’ ’/‘‘ Calcutta, Helfer’ ’/‘‘ flavipes Wied. Col. Helfer’ ’/‘‘ LECTOTYPE, Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir , designated by H. B. Liang & D. H. Kavanaugh 2006’’ [red lab]. Paralectotype: a male ( NMPC), ‘‘ Mus. Pragense, Coll. Helfer’ ’/ ‘‘Calcutta’’/‘‘ flavipes Wied. Col. Helfer’’/‘‘ PARALECTOTYPE, Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir , designated by H. B. Liang & D. H. Kavanaugh 2006’’ [yellow label].

Other specimens examined. Total 6 specimens: China: 1 male, ‘‘ Guangxi, Tianlin, Lidongshan, 1,300 –1,400 m, 2002. V.28, Jianwen Liu collector’’; 1 male, ‘‘ Guangxi, Tianlin, Langpin, 1,300 m, 2002. VI.1, Jianwen Liu collector’’; 1 female, ‘‘ Guangxi, Tianlin, Yaojiawan, 1,200 –1,400 m, 2002. VI.1, Xiujuan Yang collector’’. India: 1 female ( MNHN), ‘‘Ex Musaeo Chaudoir’’/‘‘Museum Paris’’/ ‘‘ rugicollis Chaudoir , flavipes Schmidt-Göbel, Indes. Bor. Or. C. Laferte´’’; 1 male ( MNHN), ‘‘ nepalensis Hope’’/‘‘Ex Musaeo Chaudoir’’/‘‘Museum Paris’’/‘‘ rugicollis Chaudoir , flavipes Schmidt-Göbel, Indes. Bor. Or. C. Laferte´’’; 1 male ( MNHN), ‘‘Sabatoa, Boucard’’/‘‘Ex Musaeo Chaudoir’’/‘‘ rugicollis Chaudoir , flavipes Schmidt-Göbel, Indes. Bor. Or. C. Laferte´’’.

Description. Length 9.4–10.0 mm, width 2.8–3.2 mm. Black with blue and green luster (head and pronotum with blue luster only in the paralectotype specimen); palpi, tibia, basal two-thirds of Ant 1, Ant 2–11, basal six sevenths of femora yellow; apical third of Ant 1, apical seventh of femora brown or black. Head ( Fig. 33 View Figs ) with vertex slightly convex; Ant 1/Ant 3 5 3.16 (2.93–3.31); labrum with medial lobe moderately protruded anteriorly ( Fig. 29 View Figs ); genae short, slightly tumid; eyes large, about 2.5 times as long as genae. Pronotum cylindrical, HW/PW 5 1.14 (1.11–1.19), PL/PW 5 1.40 (1.34–1.48); lateral margins widened from apical angles to middle, then narrowed posteriad, sinuate before basal angles; basal angles nearly rectangular; middle line very shallow. Elytra with lateral margins slightly widened posteriad from base to apical third, then narrowed to apex (both sexes); outer angles obtuse, not pointed ( Fig. 37 View Figs ); EL/EW 5 1.83 (1.71–1.92), EW/PW 5 2.20 (2.06–2.38); striae shallow; intervals densely punctate. Protarsomere 3 slightly asymmetrical in male; tarsal claw slender, with 5–6 long pectinations, length of individual pectination longer width of claw base ( Fig. 57 View Figs ). Aedeagus stout, with apical lamella wide, linguiform ( Figs. 75–76 View Figs )

Variation. Apical seventh of femora and apical third of Ant 1 are paler (brown) in lectotype and paralectotype than in others (black).

Distribution. China, India, Nepal.

Remarks. Schmidt-Göbel has been recognized as the author of this species, but this is incorrect. When he described his new genus, Dendrocellus (Schmidt-Göbel 1846) , he included Drypta flavipes Wiedemann in that genus and redescribed that species, based on specimens that he had misidentified. He clearly did not intend to describe a new species at that time. Chaudoir (1861: 546) recognized that Schmidt- Göbel’s description of D. flavipes Wiedemann actually represented a distinct and new species, for which he provided the name, Dendrocellus rugicollis . According to Article 72.4.2 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, when a new nominal species group taxon is based on a published misidentification by an earlier author, the type series consists of or includes the specimens that had been misidentified. Consequently, the specimens studied by Schmidt-Göbel constitute the type series for D. rugicollis Chaudoir ; and we have selected one of two Schmidt- Göbel specimens in NMPC as lectotype, the other as paralectotype.

Andrewes (1921: 173 [in a footnote], and again in 1923: 8) treated the name D. flavipes Schmidt-Göbel as a synonym of Dendrocellus geniculatus (Klug) . When we examined Schmidt-Göbel’s specimens, we found that they possess quite long tarsal claw pectinations ( Fig. 57 View Figs ) and an aedeagus with linguiform lamella; and this species, therefore, is clearly distinct from D. geniculatus (Klug) .


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Dendrocellus rugicollis Chaudoir

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H. 2007

Dendrocellus rugicollis

Chaudoir 1861: 546