Dendrocellus ternatensis Chaudoir, 1872

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H., 2007, Review of the Genus Dendrocellus Schmidt-Göbel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Dryptini), with Descriptions of Seven New Species, The Coleopterists Bulletin (Oxford, England) 61 (1), pp. 1-39 : 1-39

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Dendrocellus ternatensis Chaudoir


Dendrocellus ternatensis Chaudoir

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Dendrocellus ternatensis Chaudoir 1872: 102 ( Ternate, Indonesia)

Type. Lectotype, here designated, a female ( MHNP), labeled ‘‘Ex Musaeo, Chaudoir’’/‘‘Paris Museum’’/‘‘ ternatensis Chaud. Ternate, Deyrolle’’/‘‘ LECTO- TYPE, Dendrocellus ternatensis Chaudoir , designated by H. B. Liang & D. H. Kavanaugh 2006’’ [red label].

Other specimens examined. Total 10 specimens: Indonesia : 1 female (holotype, MNHN), ‘‘ Ex Musaeo, Chaudoir’ ’/‘‘ Paris Museum’ ’/‘‘ ternatensis Chaud. Ternate , Deyrolle’ ’; 1 male, ( ZMHU), ‘‘ Batchian, Schaum’ ’ [Bacan, Indonesia]/ ‘‘41699’’/‘‘ No. 95, examined by Prof. Thaxter for Laboulbeniaceae’ ’/‘‘ tenatensis ’’ ; 2 females ( CAS), ‘‘ Tondano, N. Celebis, VI-1-32’’/‘‘ Van Braekel Collector’ ’/ F. C. Hadden Collection’ ’; 1 male and 1 female ( CAS), ‘‘ Indonesia, Moluccas, Ambon Island , 70 m, 21. V.1960, A.M. R. Wegner , Coll. at light’ ’; 1 male ( CAS), ‘‘ Indonesia, Moluccas, Ambon Island , 70 m, 18. VI.1960, A.M. R. Wegner , Coll. at light’ ’; 1 female ( CAS), ‘‘ Indonesia, Moluccas, Ambon Island , 70 m, 13. V.1960, A.M. R. Wegner , Calif. Academy of Scc. 1972’’ ; 1 female ( CAS), ‘‘ Indonesia, Moluccas, Ambon Island , 70 m, 6. V.1961, A.M. R. Wegner , Coll. at light’ ’; 1 male ( CAS), ‘‘ Indonesia, Moluccas, Ambon Island , 70 m, 17.I.1962, A.M. R. Wegner , Coll. at light’ ’; 1 male ( CMNH), ‘‘ Indonesia, Sulawesi Utara, Dumoga-Song N. P., 23 Aug. 1985, Coll. Chen Young’ ’/‘‘ Base Camo 211 m, Project Wallace’ ’.

Description. Length 8.6–10.3 mm, width 2.7–3.2 mm. Black with green luster, apical third of Ant 1 and basal two-thirds of Ant 3 black or dark brown, basal third of Ant 1, apical third of Ant 3, and Ant 4–11 brown; mandibles and palpi brown; apical fourth of femora black, basal three fourths yellow; tibiae and tarsi yellow. Head ( Fig. 32 View Figs ) with vertex convex, densely punctate; Ant 1/Ant 3 5 3.60 (3.46–3.86); labrum with medial lobe slightly protruded anteriorly; genae short, slightly tumid; eyes large, 2.9 times as long as genae. Pronotum densely punctate, PL/PW 5 1.52 (1.48–1.59), HW/PW 5 1.21 (1.13–1.28), widest slightly before the middle; apical angles round, lateral margins slightly widened from apical angles to widest point, gently narrowed behind, then strongly sinuate to basal angles; basal angles obtuse, pointed laterally; lateral furrow indistinct; basal foveae shallow; middle line fine. Elytra long, lateral margins slightly widened to apical third, then narrowed to apex; EL/EW 5 1.79 (1.73–1.91), EW/PW 5 2.33 (2.23–2.40); intervals nearly flat, densely punctate; outer angles slightly dentate, pointed. Protarsomere 3 slightly asymmetrical in male; tarsal claw with 5 long pectinations, length of individual pectination subequal to width of claw base. Aedeagus with apical lamella thin, slightly digitiform, not thickened at apex ( Figs. 93–94 View Figs ).

Distribution. Indonesia ( Ambon, N. Sulawesi, Ternate).

Remarks. This species was described based on a single female specimen. Specimens from Ambon, northern Sulawesi, and Batchian are similar to the type from Ternate, based on color of femora (apical fourth black) and ratio of Ant 1/ Ant 3 (3.46–3.86), but slightly smaller (length 8.2–9.5 mm) than the type (length 10.3 mm). The apical black portions of the femora in the specimen from Sulawesi are slightly shorter than in other specimens of this species, nearly as in specimens of D. javanaus in this regard, but different from the latter in having oblique, only slightly tumid genae (genae less oblique and moderately tumid in D. javanus specimens).


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Dendrocellus ternatensis Chaudoir

Liang, Hongbin & Kavanaugh, David H. 2007

Dendrocellus ternatensis

Chaudoir 1872: 102