Brachydesmus (s. str.) assimilis Lohmander, 1936,

Golovatch, Sergei, Evsyukov, Aleksandr & Reip, Hans, 2016, The millipede family Polydesmidae in the Caucasus (Diplopoda: Polydesmida), Zootaxa 4085 (1), pp. 1-51: 11-16

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Brachydesmus (s. str.) assimilis Lohmander, 1936


Brachydesmus (s. str.) assimilis Lohmander, 1936 

Figs 6View FIGURE 6, 7View FIGURE 7, Map 3

Brachydesmus  ( Brachydesmus  ) assimilis— Lohmander, 1936: 12 (D).

Brachydesmus  ( Brachydesmus  ) assimilis— Attems, 1940: 104 (D).

Brachydesmus  assimilis— Lang, 1959: 1790 (M); Kobakhidze, 1965: 390 (M); Lokšina and Golovatch, 1979: 384 (M); Zuev, 2014: 349 (R, D).

Material examined. 1 female, 1 juv. (ZMUM), RUSSIA, Adygea, Sakhrai near Novoprokhladnoye, S of Maikop, 700 m a.s.l., Fagus  and Alnus  forest, litter, 7.VII.1986; 4 males, 2 females (ZMUM), Stavropol Prov., E of Novopavlovsk, Quercus  , Salix  , Alnus  etc. forest along stream, 28.V.1982; 8 juv. (ZMUM), Kabardino-Balkaria, Baxan Valley, Bedyk between Tyrnyauz and Zhankhoteko, 900 m a.s.l., Corylus, Fagus  and Carpinus  scrub, litter and under stones, 20.VII.1986; 6 males, 2 females, 1 juv. (ZMUM), Ingushetia, Barsuki near Nazran, Crataegus  , Fraxinus, Rosa  etc. bush along road, litter and under stones, 6.VI.1982; 1 female, 2 juv. (ZMUM), Ingushetia, Assa Valley, ca 9 km SSW of Muzhichi, 800 m a.s.l., Fagus  , Alnus  , Carpinus  etc. forest, litter, under bark and stones, 15.VII.1986; 1 male, 1 female, 5 juv. (ZMUM), Chechnya, Argun Valley, 5 km N of Sovetskoye, 750 m a.s.l., Corylus, Fagus  , Carpinus  etc. forest, litter, under bark and stones, 18.VII.1986; 3 females (ZMUM), Chechnya, 14 km WSW of Gudermes, Quercus  forest, litter, 6.VI.1982; 4 juv. (ZMUM), Chechnya, Karachoy SE of Vedeno, 950 m a.s.l., Fagus  , Carpinus  etc. forest, litter, under bark and stones, 17.VI.1986; 2 juv. (ZMUM), Dagestan, Botlikh Distr., Pass Kharami, 2150 m a.s.l., subalpine meadow, 22.IV.1989; 6 juv. (ZMUM), Dagestan, N of Kurush, ca 35 km NNW of Usukhchay, 2500 – 2800 m a.s.l., alpine meadow, 7 – 13.VII.1989; 1 male, 1 female, 1 fragment (ZMUM), Dagestan, Sergokala Distr., near Degva, Quercus  forest on slope, litter, 9.VI.1982; 26 males, 46 females, 26 juv. (ZMUM), Dagestan, Upper Gunib, 1700 m a.s.l., Betula  and Pinus  forest, litter, under bark and stones, 8 – 9.VI.1982; 4 males, 4 females, 3 juv. (ZMUM), same locality, 1500 – 1600 m a.s.l., Betula  and Pinus  forest, 25.VI.1989; 6 males, 6 females (ZMUM), Dagestan, Chiragchay Valley, Khiv, 900 – 950 m a.s.l., Carpinus  , Fagus, Corylus  , Rhododendron  etc. forest, litter and under stones, 24.X.1987; 25 juv. (ZMUM), Dagestan, Akhty Distr., above Mirakh, ca 16 km SSW of Usukhchay, 1800 m a.s.l., Betula  forest with Salix  and Alnus  , at timberline, 10.VII.1989; 9 males, 6 females (ZMUM), North Ossetia, 10 km NW of Mozdok, Robinia  stand along field, litter, 28.V.1982, all leg. S. Golovatch.

1 female ( NHMG), GEORGIA, Tbilisi, 10.VI.1957, leg. H. Lohmander; 13 males, 14 females ( ZMUM), Mariamdjvari Nature Reserve, ENE of Sagaredjo, 1150 – 1250 m a.s.l., Fagus  , Carpinus  , Acer  , Pinus  etc. forest, litter, under bark and stones, 13 – 14.V.1987; 2 females ( ZMUM), Batsaro Nature Reserve, ca 20 km N of Akhmeta, 800 – 850 m a.s.l., Fagus  , Castanea  , Acer  etc. forest, litter, 5 – 6.V.1987; 1 male, 2 females ( ZMUM), Pass Magalakhari between Akhmeta and Tianeti, 1200 m a.s.l., Fagus  and Carpinus  forest, litter and under bark, 6.V.1987; 1 male, 3 females ( ZMUM), N of Kvareli, 700 – 750 m a.s.l., Fagus  , Carpinus  , Quercus  etc. forest, litter and under bark, 4.V.1987, all leg. S. Golovatch and K. Eskov; 3 males, 3 juv. ( ZMUM), Kazbegi Distr., S of Gudauri near Pass Krestovyi, 1800 m a.s.l., Rhododendron  bush, litter, 4.VI.1982; 12 males, 10 females, 2 juv. ( ZMUM), Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, Fagus  , Fraxinus  , Acer  etc. forest, 600–700 m a.s.l., litter, under bark and stones, 5–6.V.1983, all leg. S. Golovatch; 1 male, 2 females (HR), Samzhe-Djavachetia, Abastumani Oberservatorium on Mt Kanobili, 1580 m a.s.l., N41.7544, E42.8203, 28.X.2009, leg. F. Walther; 12 males, 10 females, “ Polydesmus maculicornis Brandt” nomen nudum ( ZISP), Tiflis (= Tbilisi), date and collector unknown.

4 males, 8 females ( ZMUM), ARMENIA, Gegasar ca 5 km W of Spitak, Pambak Valley, Salix  forest along stream, 1650 m a.s.l., 13.XI.1985, leg  . S. Golovatch; 2 juv. ( ZMUM), Gandakar S of Idjevan , 1000 m a.s.l., Quercus  and Corylus scrub, 28.V.1987  ; 1 juv. ( ZMUM), Pass Khamza between Idjevan and Berd, 1900 m a.s.l., subalpine meadow, 26.V.1987, all leg. S. Golovatch and K. Eskov. 

1 male, 5 females (ZMUM), AZERBAIJAN, Perzivan SE of Zakataly, 600 m a.s.l., Quercus  , Fagus  etc. forest along stream, litter, 3.V.1987, leg. S. Golovatch and K. Eskov; 1 male, 3 females (ZMUM), Djar near Zakataly, 20.X.1987; 6 males, 9 females, 1 juv. (ZMUM), Perzivan SE of Zakataly, 600 m a.s.l., forest, 19.IV.1987, all leg. N. Loginova; 1 male (ZMUM), Belakany W of Zakataly, 600 m a.s.l., garden, 24.V.1981; 1 male, 2 females (ZMUM), Zakataly Nature Reserve, Katekhchay Valley, 700 m a.s.l., 23.V.1981; 1 female, 8 juv. (ZMUM), Zakataly Nature Reserve, Agkemal, 1800 – 2100 m a.s.l., forest, 24 – 27.V.1981; 1 male, 1 female, 1 fragment (ZMUM), same locality, Katekh-Chay Valley, 23.V.1981, all leg. S. Golovatch and J. Martens; 16 males, 6 females (ZMUM), above Ajikent, S of Kirovabad (now Ganja), 1400 m a.s.l., meadow, under stones, 3.V.1983, leg. S. Golovatch; 9 males, 17 females (ZMUM), NW above Bash-Layski ca 20 km NNW of Sheki, 1250 m a.s.l., Fagus  , Carpinus  , Acer  etc. forest, litter, 3.V.1987; 7 males, 8 females, 4 juv. (ZMUM), ca 5 km N of Kutkashen, 1150 – 1200 m a.s.l., Fagus  and Carpinus  forest, litter and rotten wood, 2.V.1987; 2 males, 1 female (ZMUM), SW of Kuba, 750 m a.s.l., Fagus  , Quercus  , Carpinus  etc. forest, litter and under bark, 23.IV.1987; 4 females (ZMUM), Nabran ca 30 km NW of Khachmas, sea-level, Quercus  , Carpinus  , Acer  etc. forest, litter and under bark, 21 – 22.IV.1987, all leg. S. Golovatch and K. Eskov; 8 males, 4 females (ZMUM), Laza near Kussary, 10.VIII.1985, leg. H. Aliev.

Descriptive notes. Adult body with 19 segments (collum plus 16 podous plus one apodous body rings, plus telson). Length ca 10 – 13 mm, width of midbody metazonae 1.0 – 1.5 (male, female), metazonite to prozonite width ratio <1.8 ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6). Live coloration usually uniformly yellowish to brown, about same in alcohol ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6).

Tegument smooth and moderately shining. Antennae long, reaching behind body segment 3 when stretched dorsally, slightly clavate. In width, collum << head ≤ segment 2 <3 <4 <5=15 or 16, thereafter body gradually to quite rapidly tapering towards telson ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6). Collum transversely ovoid. Paraterga well-developed and lying at about upper ¼ of body height, mostly subhorizontal to only faintly declivous, never upturned ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6). Caudolateral corner of collum broadly rounded, of midbody and following paraterga increasingly acute and pointed, but especially clearly drawn behind rear tergal margin only in segments (14)15 – 17 ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6). Fore margins of paraterga largely straight, anterolateral corner angular ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6). Central parts of postcollum metaterga with three transverse rows of evident, roundish to polygonal, setigerous bosses or tubercles ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6). Tergal setae very small, mostly subclavate, often considerably abraded, usually only a little longer in front row on collum and in caudal row on segment 19. Paraterga with three or four faint setigerous incisions at lateral margin of poreless and pore-bearing segments, repectively. Stricture between pro- and metazonae wide, shallow and nearly smooth, at most faintly rugulose. Limbus microcrenulate-microdentate. Pleurosternal carinae wanting. Epiproct short, conical, subtruncate at tip, pre-apical lateral papillae evident ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6). Hypoproct subtrapeziform, paramedian setiferous papillae evident, well-separated and lying near caudal edge.

Legs densely setose, long, in male crassate and longer ( Fig. 6A, 6BView FIGURE 6), prefemora not bulging laterad; postfemora sometimes, tibiae and tarsi always with sphaerotrichomes ventrally.

Gonopods ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7) subfalcate, bipartite, exomere (ex) axe-shaped, suberect, its acuminate apex clearly curved ventrad, with a strong distomesal spine (s) and a midway ventral tooth (t); endomere (en) short and stout, stumpshaped, with only a very short finger-shaped rod placed distal to a well-developed hairy pad; another, ventral spine (k) located at base of en; still one more, ventral tooth (b) usually present at base of femorite.

Remark. This species shows some variation not only in body size and in the shape of paraterga, but also in gonopod structure ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7).


Natural History Museum of Guangxi


Zoological Museum, University of Amoy


Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences














Brachydesmus (s. str.) assimilis Lohmander, 1936

Golovatch, Sergei, Evsyukov, Aleksandr & Reip, Hans 2016


Zuev 2014: 349
Loksina 1979: 384
Kobakhidze 1965: 390
Lang 1959: 1790


Attems 1940: 104


Lohmander 1936: 12